Facebook is under a testing mode where it will promote businesses by targeting ads at the users who have visited their store with an option called ‘Store Visits’ for some advertisers.

Facebook Messenger also recently came up with an ad strategy for the home page to nurture businesses.

How the audience will be targeted?

Advertisers can create a list of people who’ve previously visited their business. Facebook would compile the list of visitors with Location Services that is switched on against the Wi-Fi signal of the store, giving an estimated location.


How will this benefit advertisers?

With this, advertisers can then target the user group who were interested in their products.  They could track the users with the same choices to expand their customer count. The option will prove helpful for restaurants or cafes, by reaching their previous visitors with special offers to gain more loyal customers or spark interest in others.


The social media marketing strategies undertaken

It has become important to track the performance of social media ads in a business. Social ROI that depends somehow on likes and comments is one the major concerns as well. Thus, all major social networking platforms strive to provide new tools or features to align the social ads costs with offline sales. Like Facebook introduced Conversion Lift to measure how ads are working by cross checking it with sales. Twitter also holds some similar platform and Snapchat has ‘Snap to store’. The performance of the ads can be checked through data tracking.

The other strategies by Facebook

Facebook has more advanced strategies like Facebook Beacons, which is still not released. Another one like this Facebook QR Codes that could be redeemed from store.

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