Google is looking out for some precautions to make sure there is no price difference between the product data page and the checkout page. For a couple of months, Google is having complaints about the same.

Soon, Google will take strict action against those websites that shows different prices at check-out pages. Google always wanted to be fair on the consumer part and do not want to support any bad practices.


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Responsibility And Policy

The responsibility for price consistency holds in the hands of Google Merchant Center. Even though, Google Merchant Center has a policy regarding the same. Earlier as well, Google has to interfere to ensure the price consistent between a retailer’s Merchant product page and the actual landing page.

Till now, Google has not verified when product added to the cart remains the same or gets changes. In a policy, it is strictly mentioned that the price on the landing page should match with the price mentioned in the Merchant Center.

Retailers are adding prices in the name of hidden fees which is against the merchant center policies.

Google Concern

Consistent and accurate pricing is one of the most important factors shoppers take into considerations when making a purchase. If the product’s price at the checkout is higher than the price shown in an ad, free product listing, or on a product landing page, shoppers are more likely to abandon the purchase.

Google Action

In advance, Google is alerting the websites for the change which will be live on April 6, 2021. From April 6, Google personally will look out for the price consistency between Merchant center product and at the check-out page.

This is considered as an additional step from the normal price reviewing practice. This time Google will take some strict actions against those websites.

Once Google finds any price inconsistency, the retailer will have a maximum of 28 days to settle the price issue, otherwise, their Merchant Center account will go suspended. Not only this, the Google will put that retailer on a blacklist as well.

Google Expectation

The price of your product should be consistent throughout the checkout process, not just between the product feed and your landing page. The price shouldn’t increase at checkout. It may, however, be lowered after the product is added to the cart if a promotion is added.

Any additional charges or fees, such as activation fees, must be included in the price.


According to Google, the platform has given a lot of time and opportunities to retailers for fixing this issue. The time gap of 2 months is considered as an audit time period.

Google will do the official announcement when the audit period is finished and the enforcement is live.

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