Instagram is testing a new feature that would help advertisers to remove their stories content from Instagram and Facebook. Through a one-click user may now able to remove its content.

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Instagram Introducing New Option OF Removing Content From Various Platforms
Instagram Testing New Option OF Removing Content

Image Source: Social Media Today

Cross-Posting Meaning:

Cross-posting is becoming popular nowadays. Many brands use this technique in order to share the content to different audiences at the same time. This eventually helps the advertisers in saving their time but removing the content from different platforms seems to be problematic. Therefore the launching of a new option like this could be very beneficial.

Facebook Report:

Facebook released its report earlier this year, in which the company is currently serving more than 1.25 billion story users through its family apps that include WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.


Growing the Cross-Posting trend makes necessary for facebook and Instagram to increase more functions. It could be major shift in the social media area but very useful for the brands who regularly use cross-posting for promoting their brand.

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