LinkedIn has introduced new job title options to allows users to mention career gaps in their profiles, along with changes to how freelance positions are listed so as to make it easier for the users to provide transparency in their professional experience.


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Explanation By LinkedIn

We’ve heard from our members, particularly women and mothers who have temporarily stopped working, that they need more ways to reflect career gaps on their Profile due to parenting and other life responsibilities. To make it easier for moms, and all parents, we’re making some important changes to the Profile. We introduced new job titles, including “stay-at-home mom,” “stay-at-home dad” and “stay-at-home parent” to allow full-time parents and caretakers to more accurately display their roles.

LinkedIn New Listings
Image Source: LinkedIn

As you can see in the above picture, users now can add these new titles to cover up the gaps in their career timeline. These new options also provide more faith in the work that parents do, so instead of hiding out those experiences which might be positive at the times of recruiter assessments. LinkedIn also adds new options for freelancers to enhance their career path listings.

According To LinkedIn

In the coming weeks, if you use one of these new stay-at-home job descriptions and set the employment type field to “self-employed,” you will no longer need to specify a company or employer.

LinkedIn also working to add new fields particularly for employment gap types like “family care,” “parental leave,” for better understanding and displaying a true professional journey.


This seems to be a relevant addition for people specifically women who feel they have lost the opportunities due to taking off time to raise their kids or for other purposes. Having a gap in your career history is concerning and may feel like you are not being judged right- but offering new options to explain, may help to showcase a better understanding of your career path. The new listing options by Linkedin are now available in the app.

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