This year again, Snapchat has re-introduced its partner program. The program has two different kinds of partners and each one of them gives different assistance and guidance to the marketers. This step is taken in order to gain some momentum.


Snapchat Rolls Out ‘Sounds’ Feature To Add Song Clips Within Snaps

First Launch of Snapchat Partner Program

The first partner program was launched back in 2016. From there only, the program classifieds partners into two categories which are:

  1. Ads Partners
  2. Creative Partners

Types of Snapchat Partners
Image Credits: Snapchat

As you can see above, creative partners are removed, but on a bigger marketing partners banner, they are still alive. Most of the creative partners are now falling into the ‘Certified Partner’ list.

Explanation By Snapchat

Introducing our new Global Partner Solutions program – a partnership with industry-leading companies that help advertisers connect with the Snapchat community in exciting, innovative ways. From strategic collaboration to creative execution and campaign optimization, our select group of partners makes advertising on Snapchat simple for advertisers looking for managed and ad technology solutions.

Snapchat AR Tools

Snapchat is also taking a step ahead towards its AR tools and features. Here comes the role of tech partners of Snapchat. Last year itself, the platform has added a wide range of new AR features which include “Ground Transformation effects“, “Shoppable ‘Try-on” campaigns, and many more. The company also added barcode scanning options and made a collaboration with ‘City Painter’.

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