Twitter is launching a new feature only for the IOS users in which they are able to share their live photos as GIFs on the platform. This is feature is made available to IOS only as live photos are apple’s innovation.

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Live Photos Feature

The user need to have an iPhone 6s or above and make sure that tapping on the “Live” button. The button is represented in yellow color. A live photo will capture a photo 1.5 seconds before the user tap the live button. After that the photo will be turned into 3 second gif.

Tweet By Twitter

Enhancement In Regular Photos

A Twitter engineer commented that the company has enhanced the way it processes regular photos. After this Twitter will not lose the image quality while uploading.

Thumbnails will be compressed in order to save download size. Users need to click on the photo to see the original quality of the image.

In the coming years, other images categories such as avatars will be updated as well.



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