Youtube announced that it is launching the Tiktok rival Shorts to users of UK, Canada & Latin America. They are able to have access of full tool. The rollou to this will be start from today & will fully live by end of June.


YouTube Tries To Enhance The Creators’ Workflows

Youtube shorts

As Mentioned by Techcrunch:

both the Shorts feed and the Shorts camera will be made available in the app for more users from this week, while YouTube also continues to expand on its music availability in the app, providing more ways for Shorts users to create themed, trending clips based on the latest tracks.

Youtube recently updated that it generates over $4 billion for the music industry last year, is eager to go in the same line & this expansion will help in this too & increase usage of the shorts too.

In Youtube;s latest earning update, its parent company Alphabet announced that Shorts already have a daily view of upto 6.5 billion up from 3.5 billion till the end of 2020. And Youtube also declared a fund of $100 million to provide incentives of shorts videos.

The company is not iofficially announced that it will launch any standalone shorts app or not, but currently Shorts is in its beta ersion, which means in future company is adding alot more features in this & also improving user experience.

New Features In Shorts

Alot of new features are added in shorts as users can add text, captions & graphic overlays to shorts videos, sample audio’s from other shorts, pics from your gallery & adding filters to do color correction.

Its interesting to see the result of these shorts & how user get benefit with it.

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