7 Popular Alternative To WordPress That Are Useful In 2021

WordPress is the most general open source Content Management System widely used by roughly 75 million websites. WordPress is unrestricted to use, install and upgrade. Many templates and plugins have an easy and simple interface that decreases the development cost and the time for deployment. WordPress initially originated as a blogging tool, is executed on MySQL database and PHP. The design elements are indicated as themes as content and design are distinct. Users require installing a new theme to get a new design without touching on the content. However, WordPress is not only the publishing platforms and there are many alternative to WordPress. Few reasons for WordPress to be popular are:

  1. It is the most common Content Management System in the world.
  2. It is an open-source that is open to any expansion.
  3. WordPress is highly customizable for flexibility with its flexible framework.
  4. Anyone can use it, not only designers.
  5. It carries a lower set up and maintenance costs.

Many WordPress competitors can be used for your website creation. Each of the alternatives for WordPress is unique and have their advantages and disadvantages. You should analyze the various possibilities while you decide on the various available WordPress competitors.

In this article, we will converse the best WordPress alternatives that are available in the market.

  • Constant Contact Website Builder – A top alternative to WordPress, Constant Contact Website Builder helps to design a custom-designed website in a few minutes with the support of its website builder. It is an AI-powered website builder and is fast to create a website. The process involves answering a few questions and this website builder builds a personalized website for your business. It also includes relevant images on your website and the recommendations to include good content. This website builder is easy to update and to include new pages or sections later.
Constant Contact Website Builder
Source: Constant Contact

You can modify your website as much as you like and need not bother about breaking it as the website builder’s built-in design security makes sure that your website always looks good on any device. This website builder creates a website using drag and drop that is mixed with a guided AI wizard to complete the creation of a custom website by including various images. This website builder helps you to get started to create a blog for free, or a business website, or an online store. This platform has many in-built tools like a logo maker, a proficient stock photo library that has more than 550,000 images in it. The paid version of this platform has a few extra features that provide you like a free SSL certificate, domain, and branded email address.

  • HostGator’s Gator – Also regarded as an alternative to WordPress, Gator is a popular website builder owned by HostGator. It is one of the best WordPress alternatives in the world for website creation and is good with the process of creation. This website builder has ready-made website designs where you can customize using a user-friendly option of drag and drop in it. Even a beginner for website creation can use it easily and can familiarise with it at the first go. It also provides a one-stop solution for all your web hosting requirements. Gator’s starter and premium plans are ideal to create a website for small businesses. You will require their eCommerce plan to include a shopping cart and other available features of eCommerce. Its plan also includes a free SSL certificate and a free domain name. It’s web hosting requirements that the platform provides are the following:
    1. Domain Name Registration 
    2. Shared Hosting that is ideal for basic blogs and websites
    3. VPS Hosting that is ideal for high-traffic websites
    4. Dedicated Servers that are ideal for a high-traffic website and custom applications
Hostgator's Website Builder
Source: Hosting facts

This tool helps you to get your website online. It assists right from domain names to inexpensive hosting plans; you get all that you require to set up a website. Using the following steps below, you are good to go with your website:

  1. Select a Web Hosting Plan
  2. Select a Domain Name
  3. Upload your website files
  • Domain.com Website Builder – Yet another alternative to WordPress, Domain.com provides an easy way to make use of drag and drop website builder for small business. This website is used to develop a blog, website, or even an online commerce website in just a few clicks. This platform has many beautiful design templates to start with and can be easily customized to match your requirements with the assistance of an easy interface of drag and drop. This WordPress competitor has all the important features of a website like eCommerce functionality, website analytics, facility to include a blog, and a free SSL certificate that has all the plans. Every plan has the following features:
    1. Customized layouts to have total control of the overall designs where you can be sure that your website is yours.
    2. Blogs to have fresh content always and to keep your customers involved always.
    3. Social media sharing to keep your social followers updated always with the latest happenings.
    4. Free SSL certificate to keep your data secured using the industry-standard security protocol.
    5. Facebook integration that helps you to connect the current Facebook store to your website.
    6. Lead capture forms used to collect leads and visitor’s mailing lists.
    7. Search Engine Optimization to guide a customer to get into your website.
    8. Free hosting where there is no extra amount charged.
    9. Contact management where you can enjoy having all your contacts from one database.
    10. Expert support to guide you when in need to keep your website strong.
    11. Unlimited storage so that you need not worry about your website size.
    12. Mobile optimization that would make your website to be easily seen on any device.
Domain.com Website Builder
Caption: Wholshostingthis.com
  • BigCommerce – Yet another alternative to WordPress is BigCommerce, that is used to create websites for online stores. This platform helps you to set up your store, place your products, and earn money through your website. This platform has many built-in features, data tools, and much more. This is an ideal alternative to WordPress for large or fast-growing businesses. This is a fully loaded website builder for online stores having the option of drag and drop tools and wonderful templates for your online store. This platform also helps you to include many payment gateways in your online store like Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc. This platform does not charge any amount for any transactions over the platform. Using BigCommerce you can include unlimited products, check your store performance and make use of its built-in tools to optimize conversions and to boost sales. It can also be integrated with WordPress so that you can make use of BigCommerce for your online store and WordPress for website content. The features of BigCommerce are:
    1. Fast-track your business growth
    2. Excellent security and support
    3. One hub to sell everything
BigCommerce Website Builder
Source: Ecommerce guide
  • Shopify – Also regarded as an alternative to WordPress, Shopify is an ideal platform to build an online store. It provides easy tools to create an online store. Using this platform, you can sell various products and accept payments. This platform comes with a simple setup with which you can easily set up that would help you get started with your online store. This platform has built-in templates, many integration options, and apps. This platform has the following features:
    1. Excellent Themes That Are Customizable And Responsive – Using this platform you can have complete control over the look and the feel of the website that is being created and design skills are not required. Also, you can choose the layout, colors, and content.
    2. Low Pricing – Whether you sell on any online platform, be it social media platform, or in-store, this platform covers all that. You can start to sell in less amount per month.
    3. Trusted By Many Businesses Across The Globe – This platform handles everything right from marketing to payments, and to secure checkout of the orders and shipping as well.
Shopify Website Builder
Source: Best Website Builder
  • Weebly – Also the best WordPress alternative, Weebly allows you to get access to custom web page designs and various tools for website creation and to increase your business scope. You can build a free website where you can discover and increase your customer base. This is a completed hosted website builder. Using Weebly you can create your website using pre-designed templates and the drag and drop option of the website builder. You can succeed using the right website builder right from start to the growth. You can perform the following with this platform:
    1. Get Going – Get guidance for all steps on the ways to build a website and launch it with the specialized starter guides and planning tools.
    2. Get Online – Go online and discover with a professional website. You can easily customize with Weebly website builder.
    3. Get Selling – This is a powerful eCommerce tool that would simplify order management, payments, and shipping. 
    4. Get Growing – Using this platform you can get new customers with integrated marketing tools that come from Facebook ads to many automated email campaigns.
Weebly Website Builder
Source: Weebly

Whether you start an online business from the beginning or to take your business online using this platform, business owners would prefer to create websites that the customers would love to visit and shop. The website builder’s powerful tool would make it easy to create a specialized and mobile-friendly website that would help you to grow your business using various marketing techniques and advanced analytics. The platform also helps to handle the manual irritations of executing a successful online store by providing a simple solution for shipping, inventory management, and taxes. Image 6 shows the platform.

  • Wix – Also regarded as an alternative of WordPress, Wix is a hosted website builder and provides a restricted free version of this platform for a small business website. Both the free and the paid versions have a pre-designed template where the users can update using a drag and drop website builder. This platform also supports creating an online commerce store by using its paid plans that would allow website owners to receive online payments through various channels like PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc. This website provides you the flexibility and freedom to create the websites that you require. You can design superior quality websites. Whether you promote your business, project your work, open your store or initiate a blog, all these are possible using the Wix website builder. This best WordPress alternative has the following feature:
    1. Fabulous Templates – You can choose from its various templates available for your business.
    2. Total Design Freedom – You can design your website in the same way that you prefer using its drag and drop option.
    3. Industry Leading SEO – You can follow your personalized SEO plan for the audience to get access to the search engine. 
    4. Mobile Optimized – You can also design a mobile-friendly website using this platform.
    5. App Market – You can manage your website and increase your website using the various powerful web apps.
    6. Advanced Design Features – You can make use of advanced design features like animation, videos, and scroll effects.
    7. Limitless Fonts – You can make use of many available fonts from this platform.
    8. Scroll Effects – Using this platform you can add dimension to your website like reveal, parallax, zoom-in, or fade-in scrolling.
    9. Media Galleries – Using this platform, you can display images, text, videos in a beautiful layout.
Source: Wix


Through this article, we had looked at a few alternatives to WordPress that can be used as an excellent website builder.

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