The Next 3 Things You Should Do For Web Redesign Seo Success

There are a few design elements which have the power to give your website a billion dollar look and feel when it comes to website redesigning. You can give a thought to put those features on your website which can give your website a great aesthetics.

But to the matter of fact, the work of redesigning a website is not just making the aesthetics better. Up to some extent you can say, the visual elements of the site plays a crucial role and catches eyes, however P.S. it’s much more than it.

Your great looking website can play no role to bring traffic to your website, if an end-user is unable to find your website on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) or if the content is of such low quality which compels them to steer away from the websites pages.  It should appear when an end-user search for your products and services on internet and these things can’t be just acquired by having a gorgeous looking site.

Redesigning and SEO should go hand in hand

SEO is of great significance to be embedded in your redesigning planning from the start, if you want to engage visitors and pull targeted traffic back to your site.

It is recommended by many digital marketing strategists to take the services of search engine optimizer in the website designing process right from the beginning. All the SEO process for instance meta description, key word research etc. must be taken into contemplation.

Imperative to do in the procedure of redesigning and SEO:

Perform and assessment of your present website

  • Many researchers have shown that visitors only see the landing page in 8 out of 10 times when they visit a website so make certain that your websites landing page is engaging.
  • Avoid duplication of content
  • Check the loading time of the pages
  • Check no. of visitors and unique visitors on weekly and monthly basis.
  • Also check the keywords which are high performing

Equipped with this useful info of how your present website is doing, you will get to know which ones should be redesigned and which ones should not be touched because at the end of the day which matters the most is the traffic to your website.

Make out and stuff commonly used keywords

We are living in the new epoch for SEO, an epoch in which you are not required to keyword-stuff your approach to avail better results on SERPs. Good to know that today in case if Google or other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and MSN figure out that you are excessively overusing keywords to cheat them in the hunt for better rankings, these search engines can punish you by giving a severe blow to the ranking and reliability of your website.

This thing should not be confused with that the stuffing of keywords is totally inappropriate. Your keywords should be placed in a way that they look natural and soothe human eyes meaning it should be written for humans and not for bots.

301 redirects

It’s an inevitability that when you’ve a new Uniform Resource locator or commonly known as URL for your site, that you redirect the previous URL’s via 301 stable redirection. 302’s are unacceptable for redirection of Uniform Resource locators. It’s significant that when you redirect your content for the reason that this is an added form of duplication of content & search engines won’t make out which page is supposed to be ranked.

On no account delete an old page; for all time redirect it to the new page.  For future indication, in case you make your mind up to redesign your site once more; by eliminating the file name extensions you won’t require to rewrite another Uniform Research Locator if you choose to make use of a different script language.

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