Snapchat is a trend of bringing latest features to its platform. With the two new ad formats, this new feature will utilize image recognition to provide recommendations on filters for Snaps.

About the latest Filters

This new feature will provide relevant filters for an image content. As opposed to the previous feature, the filters were generic like temperature gauge or speed listing but this one focuses on image data that could be used by Snap for its ads. Snapchat has been working towards advanced image-recognition tool wherein they filed a patent for the same back in 2015 that could be used for targeting ads.


What Snapchat has to say on this?

“For example, a photograph including an object recognized as a restaurant may result in the user being presented with photo filters that overlay a menu of the restaurant on the photograph. Or a photograph including an object recognized as a food type may result in the user being presented with photo filters that let the user view information e.g., calories, fat content, cost or other information associated with the food type.”


More on the feature

Along with text, businesses can use it to offer discounts or promotions on their products and that too based on the content on the image like if a user takes a picture of coffee the feature will tell the user about any discount coupon on it.


What could an image-recognition tool provide?

Image-recognition tool could prove significant and would appeal to the app’s tech-savvy viewers. Snapchat is focussing more on its content and is now using these tools to provide match based on identified objects. This is like getting more information about an object by just tapping on it.

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