Advertising On Snapchat: A Complete Guide For Marketers

Snapchat is a famous app for messaging services and lets users exchange videos and images that would fade after the users view it. These videos and images are called snaps. It is advertising as a new camera type as its main function is to take an image or a video, include various filters, lenses, or any other related effects to the images and videos and then share them with friends. This is a unique app where all the images and photos would last only for a specific duration before they disappear. This makes the app transient in nature, even though you can take a screenshot of the various snaps that you get and save it in the form of a picture. Advertising on Snapchat would have a good impact on your business as it helps to create a direct connection with customers. You will be able to create engaging stories to share with your audience and customize to provide messages on other platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. 

If you have a brand and require advertising it online to get more visibility, Snapchat could be one of your options to try with. There are many other advertising platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But choosing an ideal platform to advertise your brand depends on the targeted audience. There can be few points of restriction when you advertise to big social network channels in case your target audience makes use of another platform like Snapchat. 

This platform is basically useful for brands that are youth-oriented. Snapchat is a platform for Generation Z and the Millennials. Even though they have a Facebook account, their usage on those platforms would be less. Most of the youngsters would send a Snapchat Snap and it would disappear in a day. 

Even though advertising on Snapchat is taking a little low in take-off, this platform is ideal for youth that cannot be ignored. Snapchat sees millions of young users. Marketers mainly target people from Generation Z and the Millennials. They make up many users in this platform and there are many young influencers in various markets like fashion, good, gaming, culture, etc. 

Ways To Advertise With Snapchat

Advertising on Snapchat platform has proved to be highly profitable and a lot of fun. There are about 186 million people who make use of Snapchat daily and create three billion snaps per day. So, advertising in Snapchat would be highly profitable for your business. So, let us see the ways as to how to advertise with Snapchat.

  • Define your main campaign goals
  • Select the ad format for Snapchat
  • Choose the target audience on Snapchat
  • Measure your success

A. Define Your Main Campaign Goals

Like any other advertising channel, Snapchat has few advertising formats that need to follow. Based on your advertising goals and budgets, advertising with Snapchat provides various attachment types that would help you to increase your ROI. The following lists the campaign goal of Snapchat that would help you to achieve.

  •  Brand Awareness Using Video Views – One easy way for advertising on Snapchat is a video as you are asking the users to watch a video. You need to keep the video short and to the point. Many Snapchat advertisers report that advertisement fatigue is more on this platform than any other social media advertising platform. To ensure that this does not happen, make a few various versions of your video ads. 
  • Conversions – One popular goal for advertising in Snapchat is to increase web views and to push the views down to the sales funnel that leads to conversion. Any Snapchat users would get ads that would encourage them to swipe on it, read more about the brand and check out on the brand’s website.
  • Lead Generation – Advertising on Snapchat platform helps you to get the customers on the top of the marketing funnel. You will be able to create ads using Ad Manager to get users to download, fill a form, or register on it. 
Define Your Main Campaign Goals
Source: Sprout Social
  • Engagement And App Install – Advertising on Snapchat is also mainly targeted to mobile uses like the way Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook apps. Make use of this as your goal when you advertise on the Snapchat platform. You will be aware of the user’s usage whether they open, view, or swipe on a snap using their mobile. Your focus would be to bring the users to the app store and download the app. Snapchat advertising has recently come up with down funnel tracking of events directly from the app installs that would open and do the conversions in-app.
  • Brand Engagement – Many youngsters would open a known brand, and a few would open an unknown brand also. Many of them would be looking out for various promotions or discounts and would also be interested to purchase after the product view. 
  • Catalog Sales – Advertising on Snapchat brings in a lot of catalogs to the current generation. With the enhanced release of collection ads, Snapchat users will allow advertisers to get more catalog sales by using mobile phones. Most of the shoppers spend more time shopping using their mobile devices than a desktop.

B. Select The Ad Format For Snapchat

When audiences view using an app, it would seem whole, and that would be a signal to the respective brand designers. Once the advertising goals of Snapchat are defined, you need to check with the ad types that would best work out to reach your goal and to get more engagement from audiences. Snap ads come in various types. You need to focus on what you think when you hear Top Snap or Snap Ad as your typical as that would when you swipe up. Whether it is in the discover tab or snap story, the main action point would be to drive a swipe on it. These could get users to an app, website, AR lens, or a video. These ads are about 3 to 10 seconds in length and ensure that the following advertising rules are in place:

  • Upload image with size 1080 X 1920 p in JPEG or PNG format. 
  • In case you include an attachment to your Snap ad, a call to action will be attached to it beneath the advertisement.
  • See that you include a brand name
  • See that your ad is ideal for viewers who are above 13 years.

The following lists the various ad types that you can use for advertising on Snapchat. 

  • Story Ads – This ad type helps the advertisers to place a branded Title in the Snapchat application’s Discover section. When any user taps on the tile, it would open to various ad collections. For this ad type, Snapchat would lay out the desired design for you, based on the assets you provide. You will require the following with this.
    1. A headline that has about 34 characters
    2. A brand name that has about 25 characters
    3. An attachment if you are optimizing for a swipe
    4. Standalone file for every Snap ad along with a story

This ad type is a branded content experience. Your high priority would be to quickly engage users narratively.

Story Ads On Snapchat
Source: Mobile Marketing
  • Snapchat Filters – Using Snapchat filters would add overlays on top of your snaps. These filters would represent your brand in a relevant method. While you design and get Snapchat filters, you need to see the customer’s point of view. When will they use this and why?
  • AR Lenses – Lenses are basically used for Snapchat interaction. Users go to Snapchat because of the entertaining filters at their disposal. This ad type provides a way for brands to create interactive moments using augmented reality. Snapchatters can be used for various activities like flip-up sunglasses, shake head, etc. Lenses are of two types. 
    1. Face Lens – Face Lenses has many innovative technologies that can be used to identify a user’s mouth, eyes, and head to transform into the characters that your brand creates. 
    2. World Lens – World Lens notices the location that can be mapped to the environment across you. Users can make use of the rear-facing camera to view the world through various lights. 
AR Lenses Advertising
Source: Mobile Marketing
Best Practice To Use AR Lenses

While lenses have some logical restrictions the way content should be used. Some best practices that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Lenses must have your brand logo or name but ensure that you do not obscure the user’s face. It would be ideal that you place it at the top right or the left corner. 
  • Snapchat includes a sponsored tag on the ad, that will appear for some time before it disappears.
  • Collection Ads – The most recent way of advertising on Snapchat is the collection ads. These ads would permit various advertisers to display many products. This ad type also provides a lot of fun to the users and provides a seamless way to shop and purchase. Collection Ads can be developed based on the product catalog that allows the product features to be dynamic or can be created manually. This ad type has many pieces and has more requirements that need to be filled within the Ads Manager. The advertisers will have to provide various information like unique links, swipe up URLs, calls to action, etc.
Collection Ads On Snapchat
Source: Marketing Land

C. Choose The Target Audience On Snapchat

At this stage, you must be having a well-defined campaign goal and you would have decided on the ad type. As the next step for advertising on Snapchat you will need to set up the target audience. This will enable your ad to reach the potential audience. You can reach out to the Snapchat users based on many categories like the Facebook platform. Snapchat tells you exactly where the data is entering from. This would mean that you can get very specific to the target audience, whether it is Fox News viewers, recent visitors to an apparel shop, etc.

Choose The Target Audience
Source: Buffer

There can be many possibilities. For the ad types, filters, and lens, you will be able to select a location. You can also layer location to other Snapchat ads. Snapchat Ads Manager permits you to select the location with regards to the state, city, and zip, or you can also set the radius of your location. Also, Snapchat permits marketers to create lookalikes and custom audiences. These lookalikes can depend on a file from your CRM or website visitors. Custom audiences can have the same target audiences. 

D. Measure Your Success

While every online platform advertises has a set of analytics, Snapchat also has. While you stay on your brand, all are displayed in yellow color. They project the segments that interact with your ads, even though you do not include those specific segments in the campaign. When you increase the significance of your campaigns, you would be gradually increasing the user experience and saving more money.

Measure Your Success On Snapchat
Source: Examiner

Also, the platform would help you to improve your campaign target and be able to cut down on the cost of advertising on Snapchat platform. It would be a win-win situation for both Snapchat and advertisers. Also, the statistics that get displayed on the campaign, would help the shoppers to swipe on the advertisement. When you narrow down the scope to the shopper’s specific segments and cut down on the users, you can decrease the cost.


Overall, Snapchat has a strong advertising platform with which you can control the various ads for your brand. It is a flexible platform to advertise your brand. Try it and you can see the success you get out of it.

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