Voice Search Strategies To Grow Your Business In 2021

Even though the concept of voice search has been around for quite some time, it is only in the relatively recent past with the proliferation of smartphones and other smart devices that it has become very prevalent. Today, voice search is experiencing a boom with the Millennials embracing its use. According to INC, the majority of shopping will be done using a voice search. Of course, with voice search strategies you can become more popular, conventional content will no longer suffice and it will also have an impact on how SEO is conducted to drive more traffic.

Why Is Voice Search Such A Big Thing?

Voice search scores over conventional search because of its multiple benefits. One of the main reasons for its widespread popularity is that it is far faster than conventional typed-in searches. Further, typing is an activity that nobody likes, especially if the alternative is the spoken word. It is generally far easier for users to speak a sentence or a question aloud than to type it out.

Already, according to statistics, the volume of internet traffic generated by mobile devices is more than that of desktops. With the number of users of smartphones and other digital devices growing exponentially, voice search represents greater convenience for users who may be generally multitasking or wanting information on the go. If you have not optimized your online presence for voice search, you are very likely to miss out on immense opportunities for driving your business. Therefore, voice search strategies become the most important in today’s era.

Successful Strategies For Voice Search SEO

Successful Strategies For Voice Search SEO

Here are some demonstrated voice inquiry advancement techniques to put to utilize:

  • Advance Content for Rich Results 
  • Structure your substance to rank better for voice indexed lists 
  • Page Speed seems to assume a significant job in voice search SEO. 
  • The normal voice query item page stacks in 4.6 seconds(52% quicker than the normal page). 
  • Showing up in a Featured Snippet may assist you with positioning in voice search. 
  • HTTPS sites rule Google’s voice indexed lists. 
  • Truth be told, 4% of Google Home outcome pages are verified with HTTPS. 
  • Have the most ideal answer. 
  • Have a brilliant portable site quality. 
  • Incorporate Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)on your item pages and online journals as they incorporate inquiry catchphrases, and are very short also. Both these variables are requirements for voice search positioning. The FAQ-style group makes it simple for Google to pull content from your site and show it as a rich bit. 
  • Influence Google My Business Listings 
  • We are as of now mindful that individuals utilize their voices for “close to me” look. The factor that decides if we rank for these ventures is our Google My Business posting.

General FAQ

How To Upgrade For Voice Search?

On the off chance that your page is streamlined well, your substance is anything but difficult to-peruse, your site is versatile amicable and you have made applicable blog entries; a voice search is an instrument that can assist you with attracting more web traffic and deals. Voice Search Optimization can assist you in making more progress and increment your primary concern.

What Voice Search Means For Search Engines?

As per Google, 52% of brilliant speaker proprietors utilize their gadgets to get data about arrangements, advancements, and limits, while 39% of clients are searching for business data through voice search on web crawlers.

Voice Search For Search Engine

What Exactly Is Voice Search?

Voice search is basically a type of portable looking. Individuals utilize their telephones and versatile gadgets to discover replies for the duration of the day, however, as opposed to composing in what they are searching for onto a keypad, they’re enrolling the assistance of advanced colleagues.

Why Voice Inquiry Streamlining Ought To Be A Piece Of Your System?

The expanding capacity of A.I. gadgets to deal with voice directions has started to change how clients peruse the Internet and how organizations shape SEO methodology. Ensure your business is prepared for this move by following voice inquiry improvement.

Voice Search Optimization Strategies That You Can Use To Get Ahead In 2021

Optimize For Rich Answers

A research conducted by SEMrush on voice search revealed that 60% of the searches returned a Featured Snippet result. This essentially means for content marketing managers, the aim should be to rank for position zero; a premium ranking given by Google to a result that it believes fulfills the search intent the best.

A rich answer represents its attempt to provide answers to user queries in the results page itself that are quick and correct without the users having to click through to visit a website. This means that content that achieves the status of a Featured snippet would have more chances of being read out aloud in response to voice queries.

Rethink Your Content 

The reason why the website content must be rethought and restructured is that voice search is far more conversational than conventional text box search. The goal of the content manager should be to restructure the content so that it includes questions and answers that are short and succinct so that the layout of the content is improved and made voice search-friendly.

A Backlinko study reported that Google seems to prefer answers to voice search queries that are short, concise, and limited to averagely 29 words in length while SEMrush said that answers being returned by Google voice search tended to be 41 words long. Irrespective of the actual number of words, these statistics serve to underline the need for answers to be short and crisp. FAQs and blog posts are considered ideal in this kind of situation. If need be, content managers should take the assistance of an experienced search engine optimization agency.

Use Conversational Style For Content

Voice queries are characterized by a conversational style and it is important to take advantage of it. Using the conventional style of the content does not work well with voice search and it would be impossible for you to achieve good page rankings. Following a natural language writing style would be hugely beneficial because of the increased scope of the content matching the verbal questions.

However, for you to structure content in a natural style you need to understand how users are framing their queries. For this to happen, you need study as well as predict the style of the questions that people employ for conducting vice searches besides aspects like the type of the question, their conversational style, what questions are asked most frequently and what answer types are best suited to respond to these queries. You also need to figure out which answers are performing well as search results.

Target Long-Tail Keywords 

Due to the conversational style, it needs to be appreciated that voice searches are longer than conventional searches. Google too is now more inclined to favor long-form content. Even though it is not possible to have content prepared for every voice search term, it can well be possible to include all the terms in a comprehensive post. It is important to identify the long-tail keywords being used in voice searches and incorporate them naturally in long-form content.

Speed Up Your Website 

The criticality of the webpage loading speed is known well because web pages that do not load fast tend to be abandoned by notoriously impatient users. This impatience is even more on the part of users accessing the internet on their mobile phones typically when they are on the go and demand instantaneous answers to their questions. It is very important, therefore, to ensure that the pages load fast and the bounce rate is minimized.

The Google Speed update also underlines the need for websites to optimize their loading speeds. When you are optimizing your website for loading speed, you need to ensure that the images and videos are compressed to the maximum without compromising on their quality. Additionally, website developers should reduce JavaScript parsing by using “async” and “defer”, besides using CSS3 and HTML5 frameworks to speed up the page loading speed. Other tips include reducing the number of redirects as well as the plugins and using a content delivery network.

Optimize For Mobiles

The prime reason behind the boost in popularity of voice search is the widespread use of smartphones. Recognizing the trend, Google is also boosting the rankings of websites that are optimized for mobile with its Mobile-first policy. To ensure that users do not abandon your site, you need to build a site that is mobile responsive and displays well across the large variety of small screens without sacrificing usability and readability.

Incorporate The Video Trend

Similarly, as voice looks, video search has become the new anger. As indicated by look into, most clients like to live recordings as opposed to TV. YouTube has become the new go-to machine for video look. 

To contact more individuals with your recordings you have to improve it for search clients. To do this, utilization fitting catchphrases in the portrayal and feature of your video which will ensure that the video arrives at the biggest number of individuals who are keen regarding that matter.

Secure Your Site With SSL

Aside from speed, Google likewise favors sites that are verified and affirmed. It favors the sites that can be believed paying little mind to the business they hold fast to or whether they are e-commerce sites or just web journals. The HTTPS convention guarantees the guest and Google’s bot that your site can be trusted and as a result, that it consents to all the standards of the great online practices.

Make Short-Structure Content

Another voice search Strategy is long for content is significant on the off chance that you need to pick up impact and develop your pool of perusers, a short-structure substance may likewise support you in the event that you need to draw in individuals who are looking for fast and short responses to a portion of their inquiries.


Voice search is already quite popular and it is expected that it will very soon dominate the search landscape. By adopting the discussed voice search strategies businesses will be better prepared to rise to the challenges of the paradigm shift in search behavior and be able to take advantage of the emerging opportunities.

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