What is Anchor Text and Why it is Required for Effective SEO Strategy

Anchor text is very important for the perfect SEO for your website. Many people have read about it and have seen it too but they are unaware of what the anchor text is and why is it necessary for SEO optimization. Looking at its benefits this has been considered as one of the important SEO trends.

What is an Anchor Text?

When you read a post on any website, you get some clickable text in the post. These are different from our regular texts. When you click on such texts, you will be redirected to other page or website. This text is called Anchor text.

When you are reading a post on a website and your cursor changes into a hand icon by going to any text of that post, then that is an Anchor text.

What is an Anchor Text

Along with gathering the information about the content the Search Engine Anchor Text also helps in enhancing the keyword ranking of the website.

There are many benefits to using anchor text on your website. If you learn to use them correctly, you can easily bring your website to a good ranking in the search engine.

Benefits of Anchor Text:

  1. If anchor text is used correctly in the post, your page rank will increase in the search engine. Higher page rank will bring a good amount of traffic to the website.
  2. Anchor text also plays a very big role in reducing the Bounce rate. These increases the audience engagement on the website thus helping in staying the user for more time on that particular page or website.

Some people start using it everywhere without the full knowledge of ‘Anchor Text’. This can be harmful to your website, avoid using such an anchor. Some similar information that everyone should know before using anchor text or anchor.

  1. Keep an anchor text relevant according to the relevancy of the content. The more relevant your article will be from your target keyword; the more you will have benefit in ranking.
  2. Do not link your site to any other website that contains spam material. Such linking can be bad for your SEO.
  3. Avoid using the same Anchor Texts repeatedly in a single post.

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