Amazing 9 Chrome Extensions Manager For Marketers

Chrome is a cross-platform web browser owned by Google. It is a common platform used by millions of people daily for browsing purposes. Having support with extensions, Chrome makes the best browser on the desktop. Chrome Web Store has many add-ons that range from increasing your social media experience to enhancing productivity. But, installing many extensions on your browser would also create a problem. Chrome extensions manager helps you to quickly add and search for any job from any web page. When many SEO extensions execute in the background, the Chrome performance can slow down.

Also, it could be a huge concern in case your desktop has fewer system resources. Also, your browser would be cluttered with many tiny icons appearing next to the address bar and could be more distracting as well. Hence, you need to install a Google Chrome extensions manager. Instead of managing your add-ons, these specific Chrome extensions managers make it easy to deal with them. Google Chrome extension manager will guide you to manage any installed extensions available in your browser. You can perform operations like activating, deactivating, filter, and uninstall your installed Chrome extensions. So, using Chrome extensions manager, it becomes easy for you to manage your browser extensions. 

Google Chrome Manager In Your Marketing Structure

You can make use of Google Chrome extension manager for your business as it lets you view various important information like revenue, location, employee count, emails, and more information from your company’s website. Let us discuss how to use Google Chrome manager in your marketing structure.

1. Nooboos Manager

One of the best Chrome extensions manager is Nooboos that is a powerful extensions manager. This extension manager Chrome is a perfect extension that manages your extensions and is an open-source project. It is a subsidiary of the Chrome extension manager.  Using this Chrome extensions manager, you can check the extension details, right from permissions they require to the date they have got updated.

Nooboos Chrome Manager
Source: Nooboss

You can also check with the community tags for each app or extensions and tag it so that others will be able to know if it is a good extension or not. You can also set out various extension rules so that they will be allowed only when you open certain websites. Once you open NooBoos you can see the number of apps on extensions and themes. Whenever you enter a website, there would be a recommendation list for that specific website. The recommendation list comes from NooBoss users. If some specific extensions are good for a website, so it would be recommended. 

This Chrome extension manager displays the enabled add-ons by highlighting in color and the add-ons that are inactive are highlighted in grey color.

Nooboos Chrome Extension Manager
Source: Guiding Tech

You can click on the tile of the extension to learn more about it. When it was last updated, the available permissions, manifest file access, etc. Using NooBoos, you can also click on the New Group option to start creating a custom group of extensions and that can be easily enabled or disabled in just a click. Using NooBoss you can also be aware of the extensions. In the History tab, you would find a detail of the previous activities and all the installed add-ons. It would also capture the time when it was enabled, disabled, updated, etc. Also, you would get notification whenever there is an update about the extension. The following lists the NooBoss functions:

  1. Apps management where you can enable, disable, or delete one or many apps.
  2. NooBoss community where you can get apps recommended by the NooBoss community for the website you visit, you can recommend many useful apps for the NooBoss community, and you can tag many useful or spam apps.
  3. Auto state management that would allow you to automatically enable or disable apps based on the auto state rules, enable apps only at the time of your requirement. 
  4. Display the app’s history
  5. Display app detailed information

2. Simple ExtManager

Yet another Chrome extensions manager, SimpleExtManager will list all the extensions that you can have, and that can be enabled or disabled using the checkbox available next to it. This Google Chrome extension manager allows you to manage all the other extensions easily. Also, you can perform many other tasks like taking unwanted extensions, accessing any available Options pages, disable the add-ons in just a single click, and so on.

Simple Ext Manager Chrome Manager
Source: Guide Tech

But you should not allow SimpleExtManager to just overlook it for you. Instead, you need to visit the SimpleExtManager Options page and you will come across many customization options. For example, you can select the search bar, in case you need it, be able to view the recent extensions that are disabled, sort the add-ons based on category, and so on. 

Also, you can create extension groups. Go to the Options page, click on the Create New Group and click on the boxes next to the extensions you require to be a part of the group.

Extensions Group
Source: Guiding tech

3. Extension Manager

Yet another Chrome extension manager, Extension Manager enables you to have a smooth enable and disable extensions. It has many extensions.

Extensions  Manager For Google Chrome
Source: Google Chrome

In this Chrome extension manager, all the enabled extensions are neatly arranged on the top while the rest of the extensions are denoted in grey color and are present beneath. Both the icons and refined animations all through the user interface would be listed here. You can click on an item to enable or disable it. From the extensions list, right-click on any extension icon and you get various options that are self-explained. As per your requirement of the extension you can choose the option that is feasible for you. Using this Chrome extension manager, you can also create groups. You need to go to the extension’s Options page and using the tools under Group Management you can create a group.

Extension Manager’s Group Management
Extension Manager’s Group Management
Source: Guiding Tech

Also, you can perform a few other configurations like updating the number of columns seen in the Extension Manager pane along with the extension icon size that is listed in it. 

4. Extensity

Also a good extension manager for Google Chrome, Extensity is considered a no-frills extension manager that has a near user interface. Apart from letting you turn the extension on and off, this Chrome extension manager also provides an attractive switch to disable all in an instant. The extension of the Extensity extension manager. Like the other extensions in the list, this chrome extension manager also supports groups or other profiles as it prefers to call them. You can create as many profiles as you require, and you will be able to switch to any of them easily. 

Extensity Chrome Manager
Source: Guiding Tech

5. One-Click Extensions Manager

One-Click Extensions Manager is a unique Chrome extension manager that is very simple. You need to just open the extension and then click on the add-on that you would require to enable to disable and with this, you are done. You have the option to disable everything at once also. This Chrome extension manager stores all the extensions into one folder where you can avoid your browser being congested in some extensions icons. Extensions also provide a chance to become more effective, productive, and more knowledgeable. Using this extension, you can find quickly, enable or disable, or delete any extensions that you do not want to add on. 

One-Click Extensions Manager
Source: Google Chrome

6. Wappalyzer

This Chrome extension manager is a cross-platform utility that exposes the technologies on any website. It would detect e-commerce platforms, server software, web frameworks, analytics tools, and many other web technologies. This Google Chrome extension manager is useful for the following reasons:

  • It provides you with information as to what technologies are currently being executed on your website.
  • It also tells you uniquely what the technologies are being executed on another website as well.

In case you are a technical marketer or a researcher, it would provide you with useful information that is otherwise tough to attain.

Wappalyzer Chrome Extensions Manager
Wappalyzer Chrome Extensions Manager
Source: Iconscout

7. Mozbar

Yet another Chrome Extension Manager, Mozbar is famous in the SEO community. This extension manager might be behind a few of the comprehensive tools. Also, this extension manager provides every marketer with some basic SEO details for faster research. It provides instant metrics while you view any page. This extension manager also provides a free subscription that has fewer features. Mozbar is an all-in-one SEO toolbar that is ideal for research on the go. This extension manager provides you with immediate metrics like the following:

  • Create a custom search with regards to region, country, city, etc.
  • Be able to access quickly the Domain Authority and Page Authority of any website.  
  • You can access and do a comparison of link metrics across various pages while you view any Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 
  • Get and highlight keywords on a page and distinguish links by types Internal, External, Followed, and Not followed. 
  • Project the page elements, mark up, general attributes, and HTTP status.
  • You can export your SERP analysis to a CSV file.

8. SEO Quake

Yet another Chrome extension manager, SEO Quake stays with SEO and it builds on what MozBar provides. It provides a quick and comprehensive look at any webpage and provides you with useful tools for various SEO audits. SEO Quake provides you with more information as it makes use of other data sources like SEMRush, Google, and Alexa to deliver you with much other on-page information like word count, keyword density along with internal and external links. It is highly useful while you look at competitor content. This extension manager is a free plugin that provides you with the main SEO metrics and with other useful tools like SEO audit and many more.  This extension manager allows you to:

  • Review with all the metrics
  • Get a detailed SERP analysis and export the results to the CSV file
  • Estimate the keyword difficulty promptly 
  • Set parameters for a quick search query
  • Execute a whole SEO web page along with check for mobile compatibility
  • Check your statistics on Facebook and other social networks
  • Make use of a wide range of default parameters
  • Get the entire report of internal and external links
SEO Quake Chrome Extension
Source: SEO Quake

9. Buzzsumo

For a digital marketer, there are chances that you would often make a note at the competitor’s movements by having a look online as to what they are doing. Mostly you will be checking the way their content performs. This is done by Buzzsumo, an ideal Chrome extension manager for this purpose. This extension will display the number of page views, backlinks, social media shares, and many more. Understanding the way this content performs would be invaluable while you set out to create similar content. In short, you can get social engagement data quickly for the web page you view or from any other website. This extension manager provides you with the following:

  • Provides you with Twitter shares
  • View the people who shared the Twitter page
  • Be able to view the backlink count for URL
  • Be able to view the content most shared for the current website
  • Perform analysis on the top-performing content formats


These Chrome extensions manager would make your life easier with Google Chrome. Try these and choose the one that is feasible for you to work with and as per your business requirement.

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