10 Competent Ways to Grow LinkedIn Groups

Do you have a LinkedIn group and are looking for more people to join the group in order to grow LinkedIn groups? Well, what is a LinkedIn group? 

LinkedIn groups help to enhance your business relationship. It is a virtual meeting room, more like a forum where people who have a similar interest are free to post and converse about certain topics. When people participate in groups, they can showcase their expertise about a specific subject and be able to get connected with people with similar interests. Have you considered a thought to set up a LinkedIn group for your business and the grow LinkedIn groups? 

Benefits Of Grow LinkedIn Groups

Before we discuss the ways to grow the LinkedIn group, let us check out its benefits.

  • LinkedIn groups help your business to connect with many networks. It helps the business to connect with its customers easily. When a LinkedIn group is created for your business, you should find different ways as to how to grow your LinkedIn group? A LinkedIn group creates a forum where the brand gets connected with its customers. This would help the businesses to get reachable to the targeted customers
  • A LinkedIn group helps your business to share content where people find it relevant to the brand. This would help higher engagement and good interactions between the customers.
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  • The LinkedIn group provides you a great platform to boost your brand’s name and increase its online reputation by indulging in groups. Search for other LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your domain and engage with them by exchanging many posts.
  • When you share applicable content, it attracts more visitors and projections to your website. The viewers of your LinkedIn group would help in the promotion of the LinkedIn group as they would be an application to your brand and likely to become a lead.
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  • The LinkedIn group is a great method to generate leads and to increase the influence within an involved community. 

Ways To How To Promote The LinkedIn Group

Going down the article, find out ways as to how to promote the LinkedIn group?

  • Group Description Optimization – One method to grow LinkedIn groups is to optimize your group description. This description gets displayed on every group page. Highlight the following in your description that would help in growing a LinkedIn group.
    1. The definite reason for people to join the group. This is the first information that viewers would see and hence you need to highlight on your business value proposition
    2. Ensure that you mention the purpose and benefits of joining the LinkedIn group. Identify a few keywords to ease out for people to search your group. Get about four to five keywords that best suit your group and make use of these keywords for your description. This would optimize your description as well.
    3. Mention the self-promotional material, if this is not mentioned, you will end up getting many spammy posts from the members who are trying to promote their products. LinkedIn has many built-in features that are basically self-promotional or spammy. 
  • Invite Your LinkedIn Connections -The LinkedIn groups are private, and you need to invite users to join the group manually. This is one best way of promoting LinkedIn groups. To perform this, on your group’s main page, you see a button ‘Invite Others’. Click on this button.
Inviting Others To Grow LinkedIn Groups
Image 1 – Inviting others for your LinkedIn Group

On clicking this button, you get a search box wherein you can enter the individual connections name who you wish could be a part of your LinkedIn Group. As your LinkedIn groups best practices, always avoid people who are not likely to fit into your group. The option of sending invitations to an individual member is shown in Image 2.

Sending Invitations To Grow LinkedIn Groups
Image 2 – Send Invitations to join you LinkedIn Group

You can even select many connections at one go to invite. In case you wish to invite many members and you have the lists readily available, you can select all together. This way you can invite many connections together. 

  • Request Peers And Other Colleagues For Promoting LinkedIn Group – The growing LinkedIn group is best effective when you request your colleagues or peers to help promote it. Think about ways to promote the LinkedIn group. Consider the following for the growing LinkedIn group.
    1. Analyze if anyone has a huge database amongst your target market.
    2. Probably, you can get help from someone who owns a digital publication in your market.
    3. Take help from applicable people for promoting LinkedIn groups. Consider rewarding them in return. This way you can benefit each other and could result in different ways to grow the LinkedIn group.
    4. While promoting the LinkedIn group, you should be genuine and sound human. Linked groups best practices, avoid making use of automation platforms as people can easily find out in case you are using one. Personal invite and connect works well on automated platforms in such scenarios. Sending a personal email or a LinkedIn message would work out well in such cases
    5. When you send out a personal email, include indicating that you have a new platform for the audience, and they could get incredible value from the growing LinkedIn group. 
    6. Make use of bullet points or numbering when you provide any information that would make it easy for the readers to read and get the gist of what you are trying to convey.
  • Consider Sending A Newsletter To Your Email Database – One way as to how to grow LinkedIn groups is to keep sending the newsletter to your email database. Now, having pointed out the email database, it is indeed important to keep growing and engaging the email database by documenting it well. It is estimated that 60% of marketers are bound to conduct more email marketing campaigns where the importance of the brand is highlighted. When you are targeting your target market by means of influencer outreach, you should set up an individual short email and highlight the advantages of joining your LinkedIn group. Based on the way that people are engaged in your email database and the relevancy of your LinkedIn group, you would likely see more people entering your LinkedIn grow and thus enabling a way to grow LinkedIn groups. Ensure that when people click your LinkedIn group page, you should check and approve the request to join. Also, you need to make sure that you keep checking any pending membership list often so that new members would have the need to wait too long to join and start their interaction. 
  • Make Use Of A LinkedIn Sponsored Ad Post – If you have enough budget, one more way of promoting a LinkedIn group is through sponsored posts. By using a sponsored post, you can target potential group members with the help of their job title and function, company size, industry, and the seniority level. It is also easy to set up sponsored ads. While creating a LinkedIn sponsored ad, you have the option to set up your budget and stop the ad once this budget has been reached. 
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  • Give A Focus To Your LinkedIn Group – There are yet many ways on how to promote your group on LinkedIn platform. For a successful and fast-growing LinkedIn group, you need to be involved in getting the basic right for the specific social media website. One focus point here is to be sure as the target audience whom your LinkedIn group would serve. This is a key point as there would be many small business groups already on the LinkedIn platform. You should find out ways as to how to grow your LinkedIn groups amongst these small business groups and find the right target audience that fits in your group. You should highlight the fact that the need for people to join your LinkedIn group. In most cases, there is a lot of social network competition and it becomes tough for us to differentiate ourselves from others. So, find out ways to separate your LinkedIn group from others and create a focus on your group. You need to create a group that helps those people who are seen in your target market. Take care of the following in your LinkedIn group:
    1. Logo – Include a logo that is not of your business and include the ones that match to LinkedIn as well.
    2. Group Name – Have a group name that mentions in short what your business is about. For example, ‘Online Marketing Concepts’. Ensure that your title is rich in its keyword that will help your group to appear in the LinkedIn search engine.
    3. Group Type – For the group type, you need to select a ‘networking group’. You are also free to choose any other type.
    4. Group Summary – For your group summary, you need to choose your words sensibly. The summary portion is the piece of content that people could see when your LinkedIn group is visible in the LinkedIn search engine. So, your summary content should be descriptive and convincing. Your summary should tempt people to click to learn more about your LinkedIn group and the reason for them to join.
    5. Description – The description gets displayed when they click on the ‘About’ tab of your LinkedIn group. This is basically designed to expand your summary and encourage people to join the group. So, your description should be optimized, and this would help to grow the LinkedIn group. The following things need to be focused for description:
      1. Specific reason to join the group.
      2. Indicate the purpose and benefits to join the group.
      3. Identify the keywords to make people join the group.
    6. Email Address – Enter your email address in your LinkedIn group and this is the one best way to grow LinkedIn groups. An email address would help you to capture the updates of your group.
  • Promote Your LinkedIn Group Outside The Company – One more way to grow the LinkedIn group is to find out ways as to how to promote your group on LinkedIn outside the company. For all your marketing communications like newsletters, blogs, and emails link to your company page. When there are big brands in your domain, invite them to join your LinkedIn group and be engaged in your community. Invite your industry partners, previous colleagues, customers, and any other main audiences to join and start the discussion. Influence your existing network to initiate your group. So, include these ways to grow LinkedIn groups
  • Engage With Your Current Followers – Your current followers are very important and are involved in how to grow the LinkedIn group. People prefer to raise their opinions, so take care of what is heard. When you have your follower’s communication with your brand’s content on the LinkedIn group, you need to immediately acknowledge it. When your followers post or repost, like it and ensure that when there are any comments, respond to it whether it is good or bad. When you engage with followers more, your relationship with them is strong and this helps promote LinkedIn groups.
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  • Include more Infographics – As LinkedIn groups, best practices include relevant and attractive graphics that help to attract users, highlight in the news feed and help to grow LinkedIn groups. The image that you place should vibrate with your target audience. Include a slide share presentation or a YouTube video in your article body. But downloading them would take time. So as per the feasibility, you need to include some infographics in your LinkedIn group. This would help in promoting your LinkedIn group to a larger extent.
  • Make your LinkedIn Group Public – When you create your profile in LinkedIn, ensure that it is made visible to all and be a follower to other big companies that work in your similar domain. Engage yourself in their posts, like it and comment on it. Also, share a few of your posts as well. This way would help to promote your LinkedIn group.


LinkedIn groups are an ideal technique to reach out to the customers and be engaged with them. When you own a LinkedIn group, you eventually direct the content type that must be posted in the LinkedIn group. This would also include deleting conversations that are not relevant to your post. As LinkedIn group best practices include questions in your posts that would trigger engagement and encourage your group members to perform the same by sending group announcements regularly. More important, you need to ensure that the communications are kept professional all the time.

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