10 Must – Try Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing is an important platform for business success. It enables marketing organizations to modernize and centralize the upstream process of marketing right from the start to the end. Content marketing includes activities related to planning, briefing, and approvals. Well, to perform content marketing, the best and ideal way to perform is to make use of content marketing tool. 

Importance Of Content Marketing

Before going into the best content marketing tools, let us discuss as to why content marketing is useful.

  • Content Marketing Increases Your Brand Visibility – When quality content is promoted across various social media platforms, it makes your brand visible to others who may be finding out the feasibility of many products.
  • Content Marketing Helps You Keep On Connecting With Your Audience– In case you provide actionable and reliable content to your audience, they would be able to connect with your business always.
  • Content Marketing Builds Trust And Loyalty With An Existing Customer– Providing proper guidance to the customers would build their trust with the brand. 
  • Using Content Marketing, You Can Build Integrity And Authority– Many service-based businesses understand their expertise and the ways they would be able to communicate that to their audience. Project your business in such a way that it provides insight into your business strengths and what is your offering to your client.
Importance Of Content Marketing
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  • Content Marketing Places Your Business As A Proficient In Your Industry– Once you showcase your business using content marketing, people would check your content for all that they require.
  • Content Marketing Triggers More Traffic To Your Website That Would Eventually Increase Lead Generation– This is the main benefit of content marketing that generates more leads. When more content is added to your website, it would help to build large digital entries. This would provide more chances for your business to be seen in the search results. When your content is more optimized you would rank more in searches. This would help to increase traffic thereby creating more chances for the website visitor to transform to become leads.
  • Digital Marketing Creates A Channel Of Communication By Using Social Comments And Shares– When your content gets promoted over social media channels and share across it, audiences would view it and they would come to be aware of your brand. 
  • Content Marketing Helps Your Customers To Make A Purchase Decision Fast– Search operations would trigger purchase decisions. When your content directs in the right way, your audience would go through the purchase decision. When the audiences are ready to purchase, your business would see more entrants. 

Challenges Of Content Marketing

Content marketing also sees some challenges. Some of them are:

  • Finding out the goals for content marketing
  • Able to focus on a narrow target audience
  • Time to produce the content
  • Creating a content plan and providing a road map for the content to provide
  • Creating content that provides clarity and targets the right audience
  • Choosing content format

Content Marketing Tools

So, for effective content marketing, there are various content strategy tools that you could make use of that is ideal for your business. Let’s discuss the best content marketing tools.

  • HubSpot – The top content marketing tools provided by HubSpot is a powerful tool and most of its tools are free to use. Its tool includes:
    1. A commanding form builder
    2. Popup tools
    3. Chatbots
    4. Live chat
    5. All-in-one WordPress plugin

HubSpot also has a world-class content management system and a commanding marketing automation platform and helps you to centralize all that you have to a CRM. HubSpot has an excellent solution that would guide you to build your content marketing program. HubSpot’s products are also available for various sales and services activities. Using HubSpot in your business can be your ground control for the entire business.

Hubspot Logo
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  • WordPress – WordPress is open-source software designed to create an attractive website, app, or blog. WordPress It is an excellent Content Management System (CMS) platform where it is used to create and preserve a website even without coding knowledge. Initially, it started off with a simple platform that is designed for people who wish to create simple blogs and host in on the internet. Over releasing many versions, WordPress is seen as a powerful and flexible tool to create any kind of website. WordPress.com is a website to create and host a website for free. It is indeed a simple one and easy to use but limited to its operations. WordPress.org is considered a more powerful platform and can do many operations using this tool. It is designed and created for everyone, strong in its performance, accessibility, security, and easy to use. WordPress is used for the following:
    1. Create a classified website for organization purpose
    2. WordPress helps to create a real estate and web area for property listing
    3. Helps in creating an individual landing page that matches the sites
    4. Be able to create static website creation along with its classified’s plugins, themes, and setup.
Wordpress Dashboard
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  • Google Docs – A top content marketing tool, Google Docs is a free web-based application. Using Google Docs, you can create many documents and spreadsheets, be able to update them and store it online. It is easy to access files from any computer using an internet connection and a web browser. Google Docs is compatible with many word processor applications. Google Docs in a useful content marketing tool for content marketers and the best content marketing tool for collaboration by a long shot. It is easy to use and has an excellent user experience. Also, you have an option where you can directly upload Google Docs to CMS. Using Google Docs, you can write, edit, and collaborate at any place. This content tool brings life to your document using styling and smart editing tools. This would help you to format text and paragraphs easily. 
Google Docs Content Marketing Tool
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  • Airstory – In case you want to set up some writing and collaboration game, Airstory is the best content marketing tool for that. Airstory helps to save images, quotes, and multimedia and perform drag and drop into any kind of application when you write. This is a useful content marketing tool for collaboration and good for those writers who work for long content like e-books, books, etc.
Airstory Content Marketing
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  • Grammarly – Yet another top content marketing tool is Grammarly that is an excellent writing tool that helps the users to check various error types. It finds out various grammar and punctuation mistakes, from basic to advanced. This content marketing tool provides real-time suggestions and guidelines on the ways to correct these mistakes. It is also a vigorous spell-checking tool that keeps your writing free from any mistakes. This content tool helps people to write content that is error-free. This is an AI-powered tool that is popular worldwide that strengthens the writing and says what they mean. This content tool guides error-free, clean writing and provides various suggestions that go beyond grammar. It identifies any wordy sentences in your writing, usage of passive sentences, etc. This top content marketing tool reduces the error rate of your writing. Grammarly makes use of cutting-edge technology that includes approaches to advanced machine learning and deep learning concepts. It constantly researches natural language processing that is included in the product. Grammarly works on multiple platforms and devices and has many plans to meet everyone’s requirements. Using its free account, the writer will be able to improve on the everyday writing and premium account helps you to improve on your communication to sound it good. 
Grammarly Content Marketing Content
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  • Yoast – Also regarded as a top content marketing tool, Yoast is a useful content marketing tool for SEO-based content writing. It is like an all-in-one SEO WordPress plugin that guides everything about content that includes content optimizing for a keyword, preview and edit meta-descriptions, URLs and meta-descriptions uses, technical SEO work, and to suggest any relevant internal links. Basically, Yoast works with the mission ‘SEO for everyone’. It provides an opportunity for all to get a good search engine rank. This content strategy tool is one of the most treasured tools that you can have. This content marketing tool is a known WordPress plugin across and easy to use. Yoast is a powerful tool for any situation be it a personal blog or an SEO professional website that you manage. It also helps your website to be a search engine friendly one as much as possible.
Yoast SEO Logo For Content Marketing
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  • Buzzsumo – This content strategy tool is a great research tool. This content tool can help to investigate which content accomplishes best for any competitor or topic. Metrics like backlinks, social shares, and the influencers who share the content piece are all visible to the user. They have great influencer reports and can see the thought leaders for a specific area. Normally, it takes so many hours to scan various social sites to know what people talk about and their requirements. You can input a few search criteria, analyze the content and search for what is already in function in your area is an ideal input for a marketer that would help them to focus and go in the right direction. This useful content marketing tool helps the following for your business:
    1. Content Insights – This content tool gathers more information about the various topics that gain more attention.
    2. Influencer Information – This content tool provides information on the people who are listening to the most. The one who gets more shares on their social media posts.
    3. Alerts – Buzzsumo permits you to initiate keyword alerts so that you are updated when there is a content post. 
    4. Competitor Analysis – You can make use of this content tool to understand what your competitor does and where they stand. 
Buzzsumo Dashboard
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  • Ahrefs – Yet another content marketing tool Ahrefs is an SEO tool. It is an ideal tool to track your keyword rankings. This can be used to analyze the competitor’s keywords and traffic. Ahrefs is the best content marketing tool to increase your search traffic, research on your competitors and guides to monitoring your niche. It also helps you to find out why your competitors are ranked high and the ways where you can outrank your competitors. Using this content tool, you can perform the following:
    1. Competition Analysis
    2. Keyword Research
    3. Backlink Research 
    4. Content Research
    5. Rank Tracking
    6. Web Monitoring
Ahref Dashboard
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  • Vidyard – This content marketing tool is a video marketing platform that helps you to host, share, and promote any video content for your website. This tool has many sales solutions and to help you to close more accounts. The video analytics provided by this content tool is robust where you can execute A/B tests and personalize videos. You can also gate videos for a specific length of time that would help you to capture leads. This video content tool helps businesses to transform communications and get more revenue by using various strategies of online video. Apart from video hosting with managing, this content marketing tool guides businesses to connect with many viewers through their interactive and personal video experiences, be able to learn strong insights on their audience, to convert action to enterprise integration and prove the use of video programs. 
Vidyard logo
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  • Loom – This content marketing tool is a simple tool but used by those with a strong use case, more than content marketing. This content tool permits you to build, update, and share various videos. This is an ideal content tool for content management and video marketing that can be created easily and included to share. It is an ideal way to get the videos in place for the communication process mostly at the workplace.  This tool also simplifies video recording and guides you to send a message through a video. You just need to share a simple link without switching any app or having to speed time for an upload process. The various features for this tool are:
    1. My Videos Library
    2. Animated GIF preview
    3. Theatre Mode
    4. Duplicate Videos
Loom Homepage
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All these are aimed to personalize the user experience.


A content marketing tool is a must for any content marketer to conduct proper content marketing. Having a content tool in place based on your requirements helps you to perform work faster and effectively.

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