Emerging Content Marketing Trends For 2021

A popular form of marketing that mainly focuses to create, publish, and distribute content appropriately for the target audience is called content marketing. It is mainly used by many businesses to get more attention and to generate leads, increase their customer base, generate online sales, increase online sales, enhance brand awareness, and engage online communication of users. Content marketing attracts many customers for their business by creating and projecting valuable content. Content marketing is a great platform that guides companies to create a sustainable brand, provides valuable information to various customers, loyalty, and triggers a readiness to purchase products from the company and relate to the company. It also builds trust and bond with the audience. So, content marketing is even more important and has changed over the years. So, content marketing trends should be in place for you to succeed in your marketing strategy. 

As you are aware that content creation is the future of any business, you should create high quality and custom content going forward. There is indeed no doubt on the efficiency of content creation but being aware of the channel type and medium to use could be a difficult one. This article briefs you on the latest content marketing trends for your business.

1. User-Generated Content

One topmost content marketing trend is to consider user-generated content. Many customers find that user-generated content is more powerful than the brand content. User-generated content is a content that has been developed and published by any unpaid contributors. Mostly, those contributors are well-wishers or fans of the brand who love to promote it instead of the brand entering to promote it. User-generated content can be of any content type like website pages, blogs, images, testimonials, and social media posts. So, user-generated content is a new marketing trend that can be used for marketing purposes. So, user-generated content is like a marketing technique.

User Generated Content
Source: GetApp Lab

It has been in for a while. One example of user-generated content is seen from Burberry where the company had asked its fans to upload images of their customers wearing their brand’s iconic coat. The company had to just curate the best images submitted and showcased on their social media page. So, to make user-generated content as your content marketing trend, all you need is to identify what your audiences prefer to share and then request them to share. You just need to think out of the box.

2. Video Content

One of the latest content marketing trends is video content creation and this is where the content marketing future is. The current customers prefer to see the video content of their favorite brands. Usually, videos keep the audiences engaged for more time than any other content type. Also, the Livestream audience increases. Most of the viewers prefer to watch a live video to read a blog, as per the Livestream survey.

Video Content
Source: Spiderworks

Having video content inspires your audiences to spend more time and get engaged with your brand. You will be able to create video content in many ways, right from culture videos and those that go behind the scenes and much more. The best video content ideas are the following:

  • Vlog
  • Behind the scenes
  • Interview or Q&A
  • Webinar
  • Event
  • Presentation
  • Tutorial
  • Product Review
  • Testimonial
  • Animation
  • Live Streaming
  • Brand Film
  • Video Emails
  • Contests
  • Personalized Video

3. Focus On Quality More Than Quantity

This content marketing trend is more than a general rule for all your digital content for your business. For your content marketing, quality should be more focussed than quantity and this would make your brand more personalized in the future. While online marketing has more transparency, hence customers require authenticity. For a successful unique content on a website, the two main pillars for their success are consistency and quality. When you keep posting too many posts, it would easily devastate your audience. As the new marketing trends, you must share new content consistently, but it is even more essential that you publish good content.

Focus On Quality More Than Quantity
Source: Higher Education Marketing

4. Visuals

One of the most interesting parts of any online media content is the visuals. This is one of the trends for content marketing. For any media, be it, entertainment or communication, people are so much in the dynamic mode or interactive imagery. For the coming generation, visual social media rules the online media. The most popular platforms where many people hang around are YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. For bigger people, YouTube is the commonly used platform even more than Facebook. So, ideally having visual content is the latest content marketing trend. To ensure that this content marketing trend is made use of, create, and share fascinating graphics that would trigger your audience. With this, your audience would be exposed to many feeds of social media posts, so that your posts would stand out from the crowd.

Visuals Content Marketing Trend
Source: Content Marketing Institute

5. Make Use Of Your Content Creation

One more content marketing trend is to make use of your content creation to its best. While you keep creating the best content always, when you don’t share and optimize it, it would end up going to waste. Many social media platforms create content and it could be interesting for your business. Share your content on many social media platforms and differentiate them. Introduce it differently for your audience so that they do not get to see the same content many times over different platforms. 

6. Podcasting

This is yet another content marketing trend. Podcasting is a free service where Internet users can pull the audio files in the format of MP3 from any podcasting website. They can listen to using their computers or using a personal digital audio player. This product is a combination of iPod and broadcasting. A podcast is like a discontinuous spoken word series of digital audio files. A user can download it to a personal device to be listed easily. Podcasting and streaming applications give a suitable and integrated method to manage personal consumption queue across various podcast services.

Podcasting Content Marketing Trend
Source: Shout Me Loud

The podcast seems to be a growing trend in the current era. You can easily launch a podcast and it is quite straightforward. You don’t need much to start with it. For a podcast, you need the following tools:

  • A Good Microphone – Audio is very essential while you play something on the internet. You would not think to cut corners with it. Your audience would be able to look forward to too many things over a podcast. But having poor audio does not project you well. So, have a good microphone that is of good quality and have better control over the audio. 
  • Headphones – Have a good headphone and this need not be at the top of the brand. But in case you need it for online content, then have a good one. You should be able to hear what you say and what your audience is saying in case you are up to conducting an interview. So, have a good on-ear headphone.
  • Boom – This is not a compulsory tool. It is just to hold the mic for you in case it is required for you. Apart from this, a boom is also good for providing great sound quality as you need not worry much about the mic falling away while you speak.
  • Skype Account – In case you are doing interviews at some point, then you need to have a Skype account. Having a Skype account and using it would be ideal as it has an excellent sound quality. 
  • Recording And Editing Software – You should be able to edit your audio. So, you need to have a recording and editing software that provides you a lot of options for production. 
  • ID3 Editor – Most of the podcast and the recording software will permit you to tag your podcasts using the ID3 tags. You can do this using the ID3 editor. Using this, you can store essential information like title, track number, and the podcast artist. 
  • Hosting Account – You need not host podcasts on your website. There are many affordable media hosts where you can host. 
  • Design Software – One method to extend your podcast is to list them on iTunes. You should have a good image that the audience would see while browsing. 
  • URL – For your podcast to be reachable to many, you should make it reachable for an audience and allow them to leave a review. For this, you need to have a URL. 

7. Data-Driven Content

This is one content marketing trend that is ideal to pay attention to and make use of data to back up with. When all the operations in your business are data-driven currently, it creates creativity. Whether you make use of data to perform an original idea or make use of the more widespread use of data to customize the content, in either way data is a creative technique here. Data coupled with technology and storytelling is a powerful engine that takes brands into great heights. To make use of this content marketing trend you need to just follow the data. Find the content that would be feasible for your audience to view and engage in. So, create more content types.

Data Driven Strategy
Source: Adlibweb

8. Voice Device Content

Yet another content marketing trend is the voice device content. Smart devices are popular in the marketplace, so, ideally, you make use of this for your content marketing. As per the recent smart audio report, it is estimated that there are currently about 120 million smart speakers across various places and it represents about 78 % of the overall growth. To make use of this content marketing trend you should think about the target audience who would search for your content. So, your video content should match the audience’s requirements. Understanding their differences would enable you to make your content rightly for them. 

Voice Device Content
Source: E2M Solutions

9. Personalized Content

The current customer looks out for the best content marketing experience. The audience does not prefer to view the same content again and again that other customers get it as well. Instead, every customer prefers to get content that is customized to their interest and with regard to your brand. The main goal here is to get dynamic customized content creation and to deliver it to the customers who lookout for it. This would encourage them to take extra steps to get engaged with your brand further. Personalized content is not tough to deliver. So, include it in your content marketing strategy. 

10. Focus On Topic

You can develop your up-to-date authority using strategic content creation. As you are aware that, search algorithms keep changing and Google reflects a page context within the entire website. Meaning that Google would access the entire value of a specific webpage and website from an individual searcher’s viewpoint. This is done by having a content creation strategy especially by creating various posts about one specific topic. The basic idea is to cover many topics that fall under one category. When you show that your brand is expertise in your field would help you to increase your brand awareness and thereby progress on your credibility.  

11. Conversational Marketing

One new marketing trend is conversational marketing and it is critical to engage with the audience for various reasons. Overall, you can engage with your customers in a real way using conversational marketing. When you engage using a conversation with your audience, you would learn more about their identity, their requirements, and their goals. 

Conversational Marketing Content
Source: Social Samosa


Content marketing is booming in the current digital marketing era and there is a high chance for your brand to flourish in no time. Using the appropriate content marketing trend ideal for your brand would help you to be reachable to many people across the world. So, make use of the listed trends for content marketing and see the wonder it does for your business’s growth.

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