8 Types Of Blog Posts That Every Blogger Must Need To Know

A blog post is an article that includes content in the ways of text, images, videos, or infographics. A blog is a short form of weblog. It is like an online journal or informational website that displays information in reverse order, by displaying the latest post on top. A blog is a platform for a writer, or many writers display their views on a specific subject. Types of blog posts vary based on usage. 

There might be many reasons to initiate a blog. It could be for personal use or for business blogs. Different types of blog posts for business projects that bring income for the business have a sole purpose. It is to get a high rank in the Google search and to increase the brand’s visibility. For a business, there is a huge dependency on customers to purchase their products or services. For a new business, blogging helps to get to the customers and get their attention. Your website remains unknown without blogging. But when you run a blog it makes you appear in Google search and compete easily. Hence, the main purpose of a blog is to connect with the appropriate audience. Also, it is used to enhance your website traffic and get good leads to your website.

Various Types of Blog

Having said this, in the world of blogging, there are various types of blog posts and bloggers who have specific goals for blogging. Let us look at the different types of blog posts and the way it stands out in the blogging world.

  • Personal Blogs – Blogging started during the latter ’90s. The first blogger happened to be an online diary. So, a pool of bloggers who wished to take their daily diary writing online with the main goal to share their feelings, experiences, and thoughts with the audiences. For a personal blog, bloggers do not have any rules or themes to obey. The personal blogs are just the open pages entered using a word processor and published using a simple HTML page. Among the various types of blog posts, personal blogs are the easiest and they can make use of WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and a similar kind of network to initiate a blog with less time and share their ideas with the world.
Personal Blog Post Example
Source: WordPress

 A personal blogger writes about everything. Some bloggers would focus on specific interests like a hobby, cooking, etc. Some would be about politics, focus on a cause, health blogs, etc. Sometimes, few would focus on what comes to their mind when they start a new blog. A personal blogger becomes successful when he or she finds others to share their blog writing. An ideal way to create a personal blog community is to find other personal bloggers who have the same interest. Once you identify them, start to comment on their blogs and connect with them on various social media platforms. As you increase your interactions with other personal bloggers, they would, in turn, engage with your blog posts.

  • Business Blogs – Various types of blog posts that are solely for business purposes come under business blogs. Business bloggers write various blog posts types for a business they own or for the company that they work for. The business blogger’s main objective is to get more traffic, exposure, and mainly to bring customers to their business. As compared to the personal blogger, business bloggers are more focused on their business activities. A business blogger focuses its writing on various topics that attract potential customers. For example, employees of a website development company would write various blog content to target various web-based companies for website development.
Business Post Blogs Type
Source: Hubstaff Blog

The blog post would cover various topics like ‘Checklist for a proper website layout’, ‘Various website design’, etc. A business blogger would be successful if it attracts readers who would be subscribed to their email list, submit a lead form, or initiate a purchase. An ideal method to create a business blog community is to find out people who are likely to become customers for your business and build content to interest them. Also, your blog should be informative so that the customers can learn more about your product and services.

  • Professional Blogs – Types of blog posts to write usually depends on your requirement. In case you are looking to make money online, the types of blog posts that you should involve among the existing are the professional blogs. The main goal of professional bloggers is to earn monthly income using their blogging efforts. Professional bloggers make use of various monetization strategies to get this goal that includes selling display ads, creating various information, promotion of digital products, etc. 
Professional Type of Blog Post
Source: Magnet4blogging

Mostly, professional bloggers tend to either focus on one blog or various types of blog posts related to many domains to get more revenue. Each blog should be very informative and develop the potential to attract a large group of audiences, be able to provide a lot of traffic, and be a good fit for product sales and advertisers. Monetization goals define the success of a professional blogger. Those who look to make money by means of advertising require a lot of traffic from many audiences who are interested in a specific topic. For example, a famous banking blog would ideally attract an audience that advertisers from the banking domain would prefer to get into. Also, the banking blogger would also monetize while they create their courses on banking or develop an affiliate for other people who have their courses on banking.

  • Niche Blogs – Various types of blog posts just focus on broad topics, but niche blogs are specific about its topic. Few niche blog ideas are food blogs, various training programs on weight, poem blogs, etc. Niche blogs are specific to the topic. Using niche blogs, bloggers focus more on a specific topic and hence audiences find it easy to research on a specific topic and identify its strengths and weaknesses. You can then write about things that you know the best. You can convert the niche blog to change your passion for a small business. For starting a niche blog, it is important that you pick the topic that interests you and that you are obsessive about. For this, you need to try hard for happiness, success, recognition, and security. While you choose the niche that interests you and places your viewpoint on it, you would be unique and place your blogs differently from other niche blogs. Also, you need to identify the niche size. Even though your blog idea is good, it would be successful if you have enough people in your niche. Few examples of niche blogs are listed below:
    1. Lifestyle Blog – This blog helps you to create many topics on it. This blog would be successful if there are many followers and increase traffic in a short duration.
    2. Home Décor Blog – Usually people prefer to learn small topics at home. DIY blogs are quite popular for this reason. The various topics that this blog can have ranged from wall decoration to adjustable fixtures.
    3. Health Blog – This blog type has been popular over recent days. There is a tight competition in this category but when information is neatly presented, this would be a success. You can place valuable information, support, tips, and advice.
    4. Parenting Blog – Parenting is a very important area and this blog type is suitable for beginners. This blog has many topics to cover and over the days, monetization is not an issue here as there are many products for kids and parents.
    5. Sewing Blog – This blog would create many audiences who prefer knitting and sewing. This blog is very popular and brings in potential audiences while placing the right content. 
    6. Cooking Blog – Who does not love food? Cooking blogs are so popular that it sees many audiences. On placing many varieties of food from various parts of the world and cooking tips, this blog would just be awesome.
    7. Religious Blog – This blog is famous where people would find wisdom words and connect on a meaningful level. 
Niche Type Of Blog
Source: seo niche sites
  • Reverse Blogs – One of the popular types of blog posts is the reverse blog. This is also called a guest blog is a unique blog type. Here, instead of the content being created by the blog owner, the public creates the content as the name suggests. A reverse blog has a team that moderates all the posts, prevents any disagreeable communications, and promotes topics for good interactivity. Even though the guest would host the blogs, the content is from guest writers, the blog owners should also write posts. This is because when many bloggers share ideas, the information would be robust. This would bring in more visitors to your blog. The main point in this blog type is to find out ways to get many different writers who are popular and have an online reputation. They would help to promote your blog by sharing various content pieces that they have posted on a social media platform. 
  • Affiliate Blogs – Yet another type of blog post are the affiliate blogs that would generate affiliate marketing commissions. Using this, affiliate bloggers make use of blogs to generate commissions. As an alternative to creating their products, they write different types of blog posts that review their products by others. With this, the main goal of the affiliate blog is to inspire visitors to purchase the products by using the affiliate link of the bloggers. This would allow the blogger to earn a commission as per the agreement with the product developer.
Affiliate Blog
Source: Search Engine Journal

 An affiliate blogger would ideally write review posts on various affiliate products. Few would write many website reviews, while few would create dedicated websites for a specific affiliate product promotion. SEO would be an important point in the process, and the affiliate blogger would check to rank first in the search result. The affiliate blog would be successful if it ensures that their affiliate product review is read by those who are willing to purchase their products. To promote affiliate products with subscribers, affiliate bloggers also create an extensive mailing list. Few affiliate marketer’s main sources of their revenue are the extensive mailing list.

  • Media Blogs – This is a different type of blog post that is defined by the content that is developed. Based on where you blog, this blog takes the following form:
    1. Vlogger, in case you prefer video blogging.
    2. Linklog, in case you develop content from various other websites.
    3. Photo or art blog, in case you post photos or art on your blog.

This blog type is popular among people in various fields. Few people would record a popular game and share it with people who like that game. Photographers can share the images of their choice. Those who have a podcast can be able to post audio files. This blogging platform is best suited as per your requirements. Also, to find the web hosting provider that would help to store bigger file sizes.

  • Freelance Bloggers – These bloggers are paid for providing services like writing content for other businesses. In case you prefer to get paid for your writing service and have considerable experience in blogging, freelance blogging is the right way. Freelance bloggers write on various topics given by their clients. Few markets are experts in a specific area while few are general writers. This blog’s success lies in their portfolio and that makes them attractive to businesses that require quality content. 
Freelancing Blog Post
Source: Blogging Pro


Having discussed the above, blog creation can be done easily. While you choose your blog name and blogging platform, you should also choose a web hosting provider. After you launch your new blog, you should set it in order to make sure that there will not be any big barriers on your way. To ensure that your blog is successful, your vision should be long term. What you place there will have a direct impact on your blog’s future. The above-listed are the main types of blog posts but there are many to discover. Few others that you can try are non-profit blogs, community blogs, live game screencast blogs, live webcam blogs, podcast blogs, and many other types. You can also place a mix of all these types. Reading this, you should be able to create your blog and start your blogging journey.

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