Guest Posting Blog: An Absolute Guide

Guest blogging is a popular technique for SEO and content marketing. In this, an individual writes and publishes a blog posting blog on a third-party website or a blog for their brand promotion. Guest blogging websites showcase brands to ideal audiences and can be an efficient way to generate awareness. This needs to be done with utmost care to avoid penalties from Google.

The guest posting blog is of mutually beneficial arrangement. Publishers require quality content to be shown to their audience and ensure that the audience keeps coming back again and again, while at the same time authors take care of brand promotion. An effective information guest blog post achieves both the objectives by indicating the author’s expertise on a definite topic and provides the publisher with essential free content. Online retailers would be seen on the other side where they look to build up content and project their brand in front of a new audience. 

Usually, guest posting blog is not purely promotional type, but they serve as a platform to educate the audience and provide a gist of the topic and makes guest posting blog an inbound marketing strategy.

Apart from brand awareness and inbound marketing aids, guest post blogging is also a platform that gives inbound links. When an author posts on any other website’s blog, the author would also benefit from passing PageRank to their specific domain. Guest post opportunities are more and when done carefully by keeping the users in mind, it would be effective.

Guest blogging opportunities are more, and you can make the best use of it. While you decide on the guest posting blog, you need to find your goals for guest post blogging. The main point to determine the exact blog types for guest post blogging is to be aware of the goal well in advance. Guest blogging has three main goals. They are the following:

Guest posting blog provides the following benefits:

  • Expand your brand’s visibility and reachability by placing your content to your audiences. 
  • Build relationships with other websites and blogs in your domain. 
  • Getting back people on your website

There is a lot to get by publishing some content on external sites. Read on the following steps as to how to guest blog.

1. Decide On The Goal For Your Guest Posting Blog

The main point to determine the exact blog types for guest post blogging is to be aware of the goal well in advance. Guest blogging has three main goals. They are the following:

Having the right content type on the blogs, you would be able to achieve all the three goals. If you are aiming at only getting traffic to your website and to increase your brand value, then you need to search for blogs that have a good-sized and engaged audience. If you are trying to place backlinks to your website, then you are required to identify blogs that have a strong root domain authority. Hence, when you are aware of your goal, you would be able to find out which blogs would be the best for you.

Decide On The Goal For Your Guest Posting Blog
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2. Select Your Target Blog

Once you are aware of what you are trying to achieve, the next step of your guest posting blog is to find a website for your target. This would mean to choose an exact blog that you would like to publish it on. It is ideal to start by generating potential target blogs lists and then you could narrow it down later. To generate this list, you need to check on your favorite blogs and the ones that are popular with your audience. To get the guest blogging opportunities you could also make use of Google.

A good way to start is the search operator like the keyword followed by who posts the guest blog. Once you get the targets of some kind, you need to look for websites that would accept guest posts. In many of the cases, this would mean that there is a dedicated ‘Write for us’ page. Many of the blogs would also state on their About pages or Contact pages, no matter whether they accept guest posting blogs or not. This would make it simple to remove it from the list. Sometimes, a specific blog can also take guest contributions, this would be open for more possibilities.

Select Your Target Blog
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But you need to reach out to their website and find out whether they are interested in contribution submissions before proceeding. When there are many candidates with you, select the one that you would like to be published on. This would denote the blog that is best positioned to help you to reach your goal. 

3. Create A Proposal

At this point, many people are interested to write their guests posting blogs. But before this, you need to check whether your target blog meets the topic required. For this, you can write up a guest post blogging proposal. This would be a short message or an email that would let the blog to be aware of what you would like to write about in the blog. While you write the proposal, you need to consider the following elements:

  • Maintain It Brief – Most of the blog editors do not have much time. Include the proposed guest posting blog article’s title with a small paragraph that gives a gist of your blog. 
  • Check Out With The Guest Posting Blog Requirements – Many blogs have a page outlining rules and guidelines for their guest posters like the acceptable kinds of topics and the various information required to be included in your proposal. 
  • Clarify Any Specific Requests Upfront – In case you have any specific requests, make it clear before itself. For an instant, you might want to ensure a specific link is included that would take it back to your website, or sometimes you might require to take a by-line along with a short author introduction. Ensure to specify these elements in your proposal. 
Proposal Creation
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In case your guest posting blog that you are targeting has a devoted submission page, you would always find a contact form or an email address that you can use to send your proposal. Otherwise, you can get the details from your website’s general contact page and get the required details from them.

4. Write And Submit Your Guest Blog Posting

When your target blog has specified interest in your proposal, it is time to get to work. You must be aware to place quality content. During this process, you need to keep the following things to make it a success:

  • Ensure that you keep the target blog’s requirements handy and to cover the entire concept in it. This would include structuring your article in a method that includes images of certain sizes or types, and many more. 
  • Check your guest post blogging length. Your blog should have a specific word count, make it to be weighty without being very lengthy. Mostly 1000 to 2000 words is more often an ideal length for a guest post. 
Write And Submit Your Guest Blog Posting
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  • You should need to write the blog to your core audience. This might slightly vary with your audience. So, you need to perform some research if required and find out what they are aware of and their interests in.
  • Avoid excessive promotional or selling language. You can mention your website and services in your blog, but you need to maintain neutrality and focus to provide a suggestion or information instead of making a sale.

Once you are content enough with your blog post, you can go to submit it as a blog on the website. You would be required to wait for a while till you get a response. 

5. Published Post Promotion

When you are good to go, you will edit and publish the guest posting blog. But with this, your job is not over. To get the most of your guest posting blog, you need to check that many people view it. For this purpose, the last step is to promote the blog once it is published. You can do this using the following steps:

  • Consider creating a short post basis, your blog. Let readers be aware of the new content and provide a link.
  • Share the blog post on all your profiles of social media platforms.
  • Send out a message to your email subscription list.
Published Post Promotion
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Also, monitor your blog post when it is recently launched and ensure to respond to the reader’s comments as much as you can. You should engage with the blog’s audience for the entire period of your blog. 

Various Guest Blogging Opportunities

So, having discussed the ways as to how to guest blog, let us discuss the various guest blogging opportunities.

The first thing that you require to look for places for a guest blog, your main goal is to search for websites that are relevant to your industry. You need to look for blogs that would fit the following conditions:

  • The content is engrossed in your industry.
  • The blog audience would be involved in your industry.
  • The blog should have more readers.
  • The blog owner should be active on the social media platform.

So, if you are selling threads, you would require finding apparel blogs with an engaged audience of tailors. The following would help you to get the right guest post opportunities.

1. Google Searches

Google is a wonderful place to start with in the search for various guest post opportunities. You can make use of the following keyword searches to search for blogs that would accept guest posts. You need to just replace ‘Keyword’ with the keywords from your industry. 

  • keyword “submit a guest post”
  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “guest post by”
  • keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • keyword “guest post guidelines”

These searches would lead you to a blog’s guest post page where the guidelines are listed, actual guest posts written by other writers, and guest post submission page.

2. Prolific Guest Bloggers

Identify popular guest bloggers of your industry and when you read many blogs in your industry, these would be the names that you see every time writing content for others. Making use of Google search, you can search for the prolific guest bloggers in your domain using the phrase ‘guest post by’. This will disclose all the websites that these guest bloggers would have posted. These should be an ideal place for your post as well. Also, if you are aware of the guest bloggers in your domain that would make an introduction for you to the blog owners that they have posted upon, it would be an added advantage.

3. Competitor Backlinks

If your online marketing agency has taken up the competitor’s backlink analysis while working on the SEO campaign, there can be a chance that one or more competitors would have backlinks from guest posts that they would have done. You can spot any blogs that they have written for using the competitor’s backlinks. In case you do have it, then you can perform a Google search for link: – ‘guest post’. You can replace with your competitor’s domain. This would find out websites that a competitor would have written for you.

Competitor Backlinks
Search: Purple Rain

4. Social Searches

Many guest posters and bloggers would share their current guest posts on many social media platforms. As the easy one is a Twitter platform to search with, you need to try to execute a Twitter search for the keyword ‘guest post’ that would help you to get the latest tweets about guest blogs available in your domain. You need to just follow links to check which blogs accept the guest posts.


Having discussed ways to guest blog and its opportunities, remember that you need to maintain your blog content while you post many blogs.

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