How Is Digital Marketing Strategy Changing After COVID-19?

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has brought human life and businesses to a standstill. A majority of businesses are functioning with almost half of their workforce. This situation makes it imperative to mark your digital presence and notify your clients and customers that you are prepared for upcoming business opportunities through some best digital marketing strategy.

With the lockdown in effect, most people are either working from home or spending most of their time at home. This means that they are likely to spend more time online. This is an impeccable opportunity to prep your website for additional and unexpected visitors.

We have discussed the following in this article:

  • Website performance
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Review
  • Business Details
  • Altered Shopping Experience

Discussed here are some digital marketing strategy that can enhance your virtual presence in the time of COVID-19-

1. Website Performance

Website speed is a key aspect that lures visitors to spend more time on your website. With an increased number of people surfing online either through mobile data or WIFI, improved website speed can help mark your digital presence.

If your website is taking a long time to load, your visitors are seldom likely to stay on your page. They will instantly hop on to another source.

Website Performance Strategy For Digital Marketing
Source: Programming Codex

Poor hosting service is the root cause of poor website speed. Often, business owners get attracted to inexpensive hosting services. However, these services fail to function swiftly when needed the most and deliver poor website performance.

Apart from this, there are several other common reasons why your website is slow, and they are:

  • High Definition Images
  • Undue CSS Loads
  • Excessive JavaScript load
  • Website Content, etc.

Avoid this situation, with the help of reliable services that can help improve your website performance and provide much-needed speed.

2. Social Media Integration

Another important digital marketing strategy is some businesses do have active social media presence but their website appears to be the same. However, it’s important to showcase this quality information to your users through your website and at the right time.

At times, it is tricky to share a message through a post unless you have a separate blog section to send across the message. However, if you don’t have a separate blog section, then you can wisely include your social media profiles in your posts.

Social Media Integrations Strategy Of Digital Marketing
Source: Open PR

Make optimal use of social media management tools to connect your website with your social media profiles. You can also utilize several paid and unpaid plugins to share your content from your social media platform.

3. Content Review

Content strategy has been a lucrative solution for several businesses. If it has been a long time since you last reviewed your content, then it’s time to work on it.

Working on your content can be a real struggle. But, you can create a strong base with relevant content related to your products/services through various content marketing tools. This will help you to bond with your potential and existing audience.

Reviewing Content Strategy
Source: The Content Works

To begin with, introduce articles with relevant keywords and up to 300 words on each page. Regardless of the situation, never compromise on your content quality. Also, ensure that you have proper SEO-settings inclusive of-

  • Meta Description
  • Title Tags
  • Image Alt-Tags, etc.

Make sure that all the links mentioned on your website are working. All these minute details help you to acquire near perfect SEO. This also helps you to gain visibility of each page.

4. Business Details

How would you reach a business if they haven’t mentioned any contact details on their page? Make it convenient for your clients and customers to reach you. Update your website with your current-

  • Contact number
  • Working hours
  • Location, and such other details.

The absence of these details can have a negative influence on your business, as you may lose several potential clients and customers. Include all these details on your social media profiles as well for easy reach.

This is trickier during the current COVID-19 situation since your audience is clueless about the functionality of your services. Simply, share a post about your working hours or alternative contact details to inform them about your presence.

Make wise use of listing services as they help to list several sites. Carry-out thorough research about your potential audience’s recent searches. This will help you to reach the right segment.

5. Altered Shopping Experience

One of the best digital marketing strategy is regardless of whether you are an eCommerce giant or offline retail hub, it is time to provide your customers with better services. There is a possibility that you may have to alter your business model or switch to a digital platform. You will have to adopt a new model to provide secure and customer-friendly services.

User Friendly Werbsite
Source: Eduonix Blog

Offer them an updated website where they can easily review desired products with increased session time. Smooth checkout and secure payment portal can trigger your sales.

Thoroughly check your website and app to ensure that they enjoy a swift online ordering experience. In case, you notice that users are leaving products in the cart, then try to trace the main reason behind. This will help you improve your services and recover your lost customers.


Digital marketing strategies play a significant role, especially, during this difficult situation. It can help you stay in touch with your audience.

Right now, you have the opportunity to carry out website audits, improve website performance, work on quality content management, and provide a good customer journey. This can also bring new digital opportunities and market expansion alternatives into sight.

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