Twitter Ad Types: A Simple Guide For Marketers

Twitter is a popular American social networking service and microblogging where users would post and communicate using messages called tweets. Twitter registered users can like, post, and retweet tweets from their accounts. Those users are not registered; they can only read the posts. Unregistered users cannot perform any other operations on the Twitter platform. Users can access using the Twitter website interface, through the Short Message Service (SMS), or by using mobile-device application software. Twitter is a popular and effective marketing channel and there are various Twitter ad types. The several types of ads on Twitter help to drive traffic and to generate leads. Almost 63% of Twitter users follow small businesses. 

If you previously have a Twitter account, you would be aware of the ways to use its functions like following, Tweeting, and profile customization. Because, businesses must grow and your social media presence as well.

The various Twitter ad types would enable you to promote distinct tweets or the entire ad campaigns that are dedicated to its specific objectives. Businesses can select from the following objects for the various types of Twitter advertising. 

  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Website conversions
  • Audience target

For each Twitter ad type, the criteria can be set.

To keep expanding your reach and to increase your Twitter followers list, you can consider incorporating organic efforts using the various types of Twitter ads using paid promotional. Twitter is built aptly into the platform. Using the different types of Twitter ads, it is easy for marketers to get tweets for audiences to view that would not yet follow you. This is especially useful to get new leads for your business. For this, you need not spend so much, you have various Twitter ad types that are of a small budget.

The different types of Twitter ads are the following:

1. Promoted Tweets

This Twitter ad type is just various tweets, that an advertiser pays to show it to individuals who are not their followers on Twitter. This type of ad on Twitter can be liked, tweeted, etc. They are like regular tweets, only that they will be considered as ‘Promoted’.

Promoted Tweets
Source: Hootsuite

Promoted tweets get displayed on user profiles, timelines of targeted users, on the top of search results, desktop apps, and Twitter mobile.

2. Promoted Accounts

This Twitter ad type is also called a Followers campaign. This type of Twitter advertising provides you a platform for your Twitter account promotion to the targeted Twitter users. These targeted Twitter users do not yet follow you but would find some interest in your content. Promoted Accounts get displayed in the timeline of the potential followers along with the search results and the ‘Who to Follow’ suggestions. There is a Follow button, and these are identified as Promoted.

3. Promoted Trends

In Twitter, many trending topics are being discussed on the Twitter platform that appears on the user’s timeline, Twitter app, and the Explore tab. This Twitter ad type allows you to promote a hashtag displayed at the top of the list.

Promoted Trends On Twitter
Source: Hootsuite

When the Promoted Trend is being clicked by the Twitter user, they get to see an organic list of the search result for that specific topic, and a promoted tweet from you displayed at the top of the list. When people pick your hashtag and start to use it by themselves, you can get extra organic exposure that would increase your campaign reach. Presently, Promoted Trends are not present for advertisers who make use of Twitter’s self-serve options. You can check whether you are liable to work with a Twitter sales executive to get Promoted Trends while you send a direct message to the Twitter Ad help center.

4. Automated Ads

Twitter Promote Mode – This Twitter ad type can be used if you are new to social media advertising, not sure about the budget, or have a small team and less time. In such cases, you can make use of the Twitter Promote Mode. This Twitter ad type costs a reasonable amount per month. Once this is enabled, you will get the first 10 tweets per day that would be automatically promoted to your selected audience. Quote tweets, replies, and Retweets would never be promoted. Also, you would get an ongoing campaign on the Promoted Account. As per Twitter’s estimation, accounts that make use of Twitter Promote Model would reach an average of about 30,000 extra people and get about 30 extra followers per month. 

So, having discussed the types of ads on Twitter, let us see how to advertise the different types of Twitter ads.

  • Set Up Your Twitter Ads Account – For new Twitter users, you need to initiate setting up an account. So, you need to log into your Twitter account and then go to Enter details like time zone and country. Click on the option ‘Let’s go’. After this, you will have a Twitter ads account. Once, this is done you can go ahead to create your ad.
  • Select Your Objective – Twitter ad campaigns have many business objectives, so the first thing that you require to do is to decide what you need to achieve from your Twitter ads. So, put more focus on the ad objective and ensure that it aligns with your business objectives. The objective that you choose would determine which of the engagement actions and types would be feasible for you. So, before you set the ad, ensure that you have proper social media goals in place and that has even more exact objectives for your Twitter ad campaign. You can choose from the following objective:
    1. Tweet engagements
    2. Awareness
    4. Website clicks and conversions
    5. App installs
    6. App re-engagement
    7. Promoted video views
    8. In-stream video views
Twitter Ads Objective
Source: Hootsuite

Once you select the desired objective, you can go ahead with the ad. You will be required to create a campaign screen, where you can provide your campaign name, select the way to pay for it, either debit or credit card, set the budget for your campaign, and choose whether to start the campaign right away or you need to schedule it later. Once you have selected your options click Next.

  • Set Up Your Ad Group And Bidding – Once your objective is set, you can create your ad group page. An ad group is a sub-category of your campaign. You might have to stick to one Twitter ad group for your first Twitter ads campaign. But, while you get more comfortable using Twitter ads, you can divide your ad campaign to various target audiences, test various budgets, timings, and make use of various creative things. Enter the relevant details in your Create your ad Group page. Here, you select the amount that you wish to pay for each interaction type like video view, engagement, etc. If you select automatic bidding, Twitter will set your bid automatically so that the best results are obtained for the low budget. This is a good way forward for new Twitter advertisers and understands the way Twitter bidding works. To control the bid amounts, the interface would show you the suggested bids based on what the others pay. Once this selection, click the option Next.
  • Select Your Creative And Ad Placement – Twitter platform displays the existing tweets lists that you can select to promote. In case you prefer, you can select for new tweet creation mainly for your ad. Select the option ‘ad placement’. Click the option Next.
  • Audience – The Twitter platform provides many targeting options that would help you to choose the correct ad audience and increase your budget. You need to start with demographic targeting, segregating the audience with regard to age, gender, language, location, and technology. Targeting the audience by geographical location would allow you to get specific as a metro area, with regards to a postal code, or the whole country. The technology component would provide you ways to target by the carrier, device, or OS version. The Audience features provide you with ways to target based on specific user features like their interests, events, and behaviors. Also, it can target specific keywords and TV shows users that they tweet about. The Audience summary interface would help you to provide an estimated audience size that would modify as you include more Twitter ads that target your campaign. You can select upload your people list like your email list or select to the target people who are like your follower base. Once you are done with your selection, click the option Next.
Audience Twitter Ad Types
Source: Sprout Social
  • Launch Your Campaign – Once you have done with your selection, click the option Launch Campaign. This would enable you to launch your ad. 

Tips To Launch Various Twitter Ad Types

To enable your various Twitter ad types to be effective, your advertising should hit at the right place and the right audience. The following will help you to get the most out of your budget.

  • Introduction – When you are launching a Twitter ad, you should see that you need to introduce yourself in short. You cannot assume that all people would be knowing about you. The audience should know what your business is about. Make use of an image or some copy in your tweet that would help you to project your unique selling proposition. People who view your tweet would know the reason to click, engage, or follow. As people scroll the Twitter platform fast, you should know where to place your point. 
  • Place A Clear Call-To-Action – While you place a good ad on the Twitter platform, the main objective is to get a good customer base. So, you need to have a call-to-action and ensure that users will be aware of who you are. You can try something like ‘read more’, ‘follow us’, ‘register now’, etc. Your ad must meet with the objective and make it clear what the users need to do. Ensure that your users do not get deviated from the messages and avoid placing many links on your ad.
  • Place Discounts For Sales – In case your ad is about to place and execute a sale, then you need to highlight. This would get more views and there would be a higher chance for conversions. 
Offering Discounts For Sale
Source: Flycart

Image Source: Flycart

  • Include Cards – Including cards on the platform are very useful. Cards are a controlling tool that has more functions like app installs, website previews, and conversions for your promoted tweets. This would make your tweets more interactive for users thereby making it more engaging. But as a best practice, it is ideal that you test the cards and then use it.
  • Perform Test – Twitter ads are a great platform to learn as to how the audience would trigger, right from the ad format to the voice tone and ad copy length. So, you need to check with all the ads that you are posting on this platform so that it works out well for you.
  • Custom Fit – Select a custom fit, rather than one-size-fits-all. All the campaigns have a different goal and require different creativity. When there are campaigns with similar goals, it should also differ based on the specific offer or idea that you promote on time. When the target group is different, you should alter your creative basis competitive research to find out what is the most likely to appeal for each group. 
  • Make Use Of High-Quality Videos And Images – Ensure that your ad has good content and supports it with good quality images and videos. Images grab the user’s attention, so ensure that you place a relevant one for your ad.
  • Devote More Time For Big Events – When there are big events coming up across, ensure that you include more ad during that time specifically. Because during big events like the World Cup, people would use the platform more often.


Be it whatever Twitter ad types you post, ensure that you monitor your campaigns as they execute, and try to optimize the ads for giving you better performance. Also, make sure that your ad types are always up-to-date and you should keep posting your ad at a regular period.

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