How much a Website Building Cost Should Be In 2020?

Websites are utterly important when it comes to promoting certain brands. Websites can improve sales and increase the number of customers. If you are in need to find out the best way to build an enthralling website without wasting your time and money, you’ve come to the right place. 
Why build a website is not a question anymore, but what is the actual website building cost for an eye-catchy designed website.

Why is it difficult to estimate the actual website building cost?

The exact figure is what mostly asked by the entrepreneurs. You might have come across articles stating the rough estimation of the total cost of website building. The actual website building cost is intricate. You won’t be able to find how much does a website cost.

For instance, let us take an analogy. If you are working to build your dream house and the same question you ask how much it will cost in total? The cost will vary because every house is not the same and depends on different factors like the layout, the furniture, total floor area, outdoor space, number of rooms, and so on. The same is the scenario when it comes to building a site. 

So now what? You won’t be able to find the total cost? Well, you can find it but the answer will depend on myriad factors. 

In this article, you will not only just learn to determine the cost for website building but also how to save your money and time. 

There are plenty of options that you can use to build your site. Here are some of the avenues that you can take for your new website. 

1. DIY Platforms

The best thing to do is to build a website on your own but if you don’t know anything about coding and stuff you should preferably choose a DIY platform. If you are unaware of DIY platforms, these are websites that help you make your website by using their platform. 

Getting a start with these platforms is pretty simple. You can create your account, choose a web package, get your domain, and create website from scratch on their platform. The only problem is that when you want to change your website’s platform you cannot take your creation out of their platform with you.

DIY Platforms For Website Creation
Source: tytonmedia

Using these don’t need any web development skills or coding experience but you still need to have an idea about how a website should be laid out. It might take some time to learn everything and make your website look the way you want. 

You can choose any of the platforms but preferably try to choose a professional one. Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace are all great options. Before you choose any of them let us take a look at the pros and cons of using these platforms.


  • Cost-Effective best for new businesses and bootstrap companies
  • No experience needed of web development and coding


  • Shifting your creation to other platforms is nearly impossible
  • Consumes time to set up the website properly and additional hours to update in future
  • Limited customization for low plan users

The Cost

There are three types of websites you can make:

  • 5-10 pages website will cost you 150$ in total 
  • 20 pages website will cost you $300
  • An E-commerce website will cost you $500

Note: These are average prices, figures can vary according to the platform. 

2. Hire a Freelance Web Designer 

When it comes to building a website for small to medium-sized businesses, hiring a freelancer can be fruitful. Whether you want to build a new site or you require someone to maintain your current site for you, hiring a freelancer for it is more preferred as compared to pay companies for this job. 

These freelancers can help you achieve a higher rank by designing SEO friendly websites to help you achieve high authority, they are quick, responsive, and delivers work quickly with quality. Even though if you want to start an E-commerce website they can help you with it too. 

Hiring Freelancer Web Designer
Source: online readers hub

After the increasing influence of website designing as a freelancer, there are plenty of options. You can search and hire them on freelancing platforms or if you want to hire a UK based freelancer the best choice is to choose for this work. It’s up to you but if possible choose a professional for this task. 

As we have seen the pros and cons of the other options here are pros and cons for this preference as well.


  • Cost-effective and you can save a lot as you are not paying for any of their expenditure 
  • Fast delivery, freelancers can pay off the work quickly 
  • Consistency, freelance web designers wear different hats include graphic design, copywriting, and more.


  • Less control over them as they are not working with you under the same roof
  • Confidentiality issues, some scammers might leak or use your site’s valuable information. Not very common but still happens 

The Cost 

The cost can vary from person to person according to their experience in the field. 

3. Traditional Agencies 

The last but the most costly option is to choose a traditional agency to build a new website. If you have a small website creation budget then this is not what you should choose but if you are running a large scale business then you need a fully functional website that gives a smooth experience for your customers and want to build a fully customized 20+ pages, UI/UX website, the traditional agency is the best option. 

Traditional agencies are companies that work on a larger scale, they have teams that can handle big projects and have a long client list to be done. Most of the traditional companies have offices in major cities. So it is better to visit some of them and choose the best one that gives out good services beneficial for you. 

While it may seem like the best choice but you should check out both pros and cons before making your decision. 


  • These agencies can build sophisticated, fully customized website
  • Have proper teams that can handle projects and complete them quickly 


  • Rates are very much high for small to medium-sized businesses 
  • Prefer large scale projects, low-scale projects are not welcomed 

The Cost

  • 5-10 pages website will cost you $12,000
  • 20 pages website will cost you $20,000
  • The E-commerce website will cost you $75,000


So, these are the ways through which you can easily build your website. Above, are website creation budget from each way.

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