10 Ways To Be A Successful YouTuber

For content marketers, there are plenty of opportunities. They have many different channels, different content types, and various websites. The one by far used to share videos is YouTube. This platform has many types of audiences, meaning that any business can find out ways to benefit from youtube marketing.

There are a million hours of videos that are being viewed from the YouTube platform per day. Many businesses use the YouTube platform to post their video content. YouTube keeps the current requirement of the business and keeps updating its features that would best suit the business requirements. Marketers see YouTube as a platform for their business marketing. A business marketer tries to be a successful YouTuber as YouTube is an exceptional platform for getting more customers for them. You should try out ways with your videos as to how to become a successful YouTuber.

Ways To Be A Successful YouTuber

Being successful on YouTube is a good sign of your business progress. So, are you wondering about the ways as to how to be a successful YouTuber? Here are a few ways that would help you out to become a successful YouTuber.

  • Post On YouTube Many Times Per Week – It is a fact that those YouTube channels that post more than once per week tend to perform better and get more views. So, to become a successful YouTuber, you are required to post a YouTube video more than three times per week.
Post On YouTube Many Times Per Week
Source: Videomaker

Let the number of videos even be more in case you are just starting and trying to build an audience. It would be effective when you maintain a regular schedule keeping many posts per week and this would swiftly uplift your channel in the algorithm. Including many contents at the start on similar topics would help your YouTube channel to do well in the search algorithm. Also, maintain a content library where you would view one video to another that would increase your watch time and give the users a reason to subscribe to your channel.

  • Create A Workable Video Production Workflow – If you are creating big videos that would take about months of production, your videos would not grow on the YouTube channel. Because when there is a big gap of videos being released, the user engagement would be less. The video uploads should be at regular intervals and this would bring people back to your YouTube channel. So, to become successful YouTuber be sure that whatever video types you require, choose the content type that you can produce and create content regularly. Find out ways to create video content for your YouTube channel and to streamline your video production workflow. Let it be to set up a studio, hiring assistants, edit a template or a production team. Also, to be a successful YouTuber you need to refine your topics and the production workflow until your entire process is efficient.
  • Start Each Video With An Interesting Point – To become a successful YouTuber, you need to hook viewers for your video and it solely depends on your content. In case your video features a project of any type, display the result first to grab the user’s attention. When users see a splendid result, it would make people more interested to check on what you have achieved in your brand. This is a good approach for a makeover and Do It Yourself videos. Also, stories are a great way to get viewers’ interest. People tend to be hardwired for stories. When your video starts with a story, people would naturally prefer to stay back to check on what happens. Also, personal stories would be interesting to the viewer and would also provide a useful solution to many complicated ideas. You need to ensure that your opening content straight relates to the subject matter. Viewers have clicked on your video because they were interested in your video and topic, so it is your duty to keep them engaged once they enter your video. So, you need to get into the subject that they prefer to hear in the first place.
  • Keep Titles And Introduction Short – For being successful on YouTube, maintain a short title and introduction part. The attention span of the users is short. When there is a long title or introduction at the start of the video, it can cause other people to lose interest. Also, when there is a long introduction it would discourage watching the video as people do not want to view a long sequence again and again. Hence, create your title and its related information short and pleasing.
Short video title
Source: OneTwoStream
  • Include End Screens – Yet another way to become successful YouTuber include end screens for your videos, website, or channel promotion. End screens denote collaborating graphics that would link to additional video, channel, playlist, or web page. It sometimes could be a prompt where someone could subscribe to your channel. As per the name of this feature, you can include end screens in the last 20 seconds of your video. So, for this, you need to decide where the end screens will display. One option is where you could set the video subject in such a way that you would have room for end screens. When you talk over the end screen it would help you to engage the viewer. Also, you can place a few images or your logo where you can place them on the end screens. End screens would work best if the on-screen presenter keeps talking and provides data to the viewer. If you just show a screen with some color or some new information, viewers would click off the page. Most of the YouTube users are bound to do that. When you keep providing information, it would provide users a reason to continue watching.
Include End Screens
Source: YouTube
  • Take Out Distractions From Your Video – Another way to become successful YouTuber is to avoid having lengthy pauses, twisty talks, going around from one topic to another. When people get bored on the video, they would jump to the other recommended videos and search for something feasible for them. Don’t keep any distractions on the video and if you deviate from the topic it would bounce on you. When you take a turn from your video, then ensure that it is engaging either with regards to the story or visually. To avoid distractions at once and to maintain a fast-pace and engaging videos. You can also cut soon from one shot to another. To create cuts, you may not require filming with many cameras but can use text or transitions that would come with basic video editors.
  • Create Video Thumbnails That Users would Click – Thumbnails most often would tend to be a hindrance to your YouTube success. This is because of the suggested videos. Most of the suggested videos are an important source of organic traffic on YouTube. Because someone keeps viewing a YouTube video, your video Thumbnail requires to stand out for a suggested video on the right-sidebar. When your video is displayed as a suggested video, YouTube endorses it by saying that someone keeps watching other videos and may enjoy yours as well. Also, if your video attracts and gets more clicks like the suggested video, the clicks would likely be registered on the YouTube algorithm. Also, YouTube requires viewers to click on another video. Basically, YouTube is trying to endorse videos that are possible to get that click. Ensure the following:
    • First, you need to ensure that your thumbnail is relevant to the video title and its content. People click the video with thumbnails faster than the ones without thumbnails.
    • Most of the viewers think about what is next. You should make the viewer think of what is next or what has happened before. Always remember that thumbnails project half the story. The other half is mentioned in the title. A good way to represent title and thumbnail can increase your viewer interest.
    • Your thumbnail should be designed small. YouTube recommends keeping the thumbnails to about 1280 X 720 pixels. The image would look good, but no one can see a thumbnail of that size on the YouTube platform. Even though YouTube recommends the pixel size, you need to design the thumbnail for a small view size. To check the way thumbnails look on the YouTube platform, you always need to zoom out so that you can see the image on the screen like the way it would appear on the YouTube platform. You should check that the thumbnail image would still make logic and stands out when it is in the size of a postage stamp. If this does not happen, a few simple images would help the needy. Crop the image to a small size or create the colors to be supersaturated. You can make use of the sharpening tool that would define your image edges. For large sizes, these edits may not be suitable.
    • You need to create a steady look and feel for all your videos so that it is easy for your videos to recognize at a glance. The consistency would mean to include the same font size, familiar colors, logo, shape, design element, etc.
    • Excitement comes in the form of emotions that people would respond to the most. When someone shows enthusiasm, we would like to know the reason for the same. Hence, display an excited face and have a focus on the eyes. This way your video would perform better and you would become successful YouTuber.
Video Tumbnail Guidelines
Source: G Learning
  • Check On The Thumbnail Options With AdWords – Yet another way to become successful YouTuber is to check on the thumbnail’s options reactions. Using Google AdWords creates many options to check your thumbnails. Then, check on every week to check which thumbnail gets the most view-through rate (VTR). This is useful in case you are executing a campaign or any event. In the YouTube analytics, the recommended video views can help to check on your thumbnail’s progress or success. To group the videos that you require to check, open the option ‘Creator Studio’. Then you need to go to the options ‘Analytics’ and then ‘Overview’. Click the option ‘Groups’ that is seen on the top right and then select the option ‘Create Video Group’ from the drop-drop menu seen. Then, create a group with similar videos. After this, in the analytics area, select the option ‘Traffic Sources’ and then the option ‘Suggested Videos’ to check out the best-performing videos.
Thumbnail Ideas From Google Adwards
Source: Media Examiner
  • Replicate The Topics From Top-Performing Videos – To become a successful YouTuber, you also need to observe the top-performing videos. Analyze the analytics to find out the videos that would get more subscribers per view. Find out its patterns like its delivery, subject, or editing style. Then take out more videos of that type. So, understand the pattern of the videos performing well and replicate it likewise with many other videos.
  • Create Lengthy Videos To Improve Watch Time – One more way as to how to become a successful YouTuber is to make long video content even though you prefer to maintain a short credit. Creating lengthy videos seems to be tough and the attention span might be less. Also, shorter videos were earlier considered to be better. But, currently, lengthy videos are compared to more watch time that would boost your content in the YouTube algorithm. Eventually, the exact video length is long enough to get the right information across to the audience without video padding. Ensure that you do not make the video lengthier just for the sake to make it long. This would make you lose your viewers. Do not create video content by keeping the length of the video in mind. In general, videos that maintain a length of about 7 to 15 minutes tend to perform well.
Lengthy Video To Increase watch time
Source: Social Report


For a perfect YouTube channel, you need to create YouTube content by keeping in mind your viewers and algorithm. For viewers, ensure that the thumbnails seize their attention and deliver what you must provide. Ensure that your videos start with a good hook and maintain interesting content. Overall, create a video experience so that the viewers watch the full video.

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