4 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Increase traffic to your Website – 4 Top ways for you to lead

The foremost objective of any business or enterprise is always to have more customers, more sales, more business and more goodwill. However, when it comes to online business, most of us are victims of increased presence, more customers, and more traffic towards our website or blog. It is, of course, the most rightful thing as well.

Do you remember the old saying from school “you only get one chance to make the first impression?”

Well, don’t ever compromise on your image. Always invest like you did on that first date of your life. Remember how upset you got because those five hairs were out of place and not in line? It is this passion which is needed to build a great presence for your enterprise.

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1. That Hi-fi marketing is crucial

 a) Go all out, Market yourself left and right:

You are not living in 1500BC, right? It’s the dawn of the 21st-century guys, with an ever-increasing population and hordes of hungry advertisers; it’s an innate need to shout about yourself and your product. You don’t want to be a lost in a citizenry of a billion juggling heads, do you?


Even though several factors sometimes may resist you, but go all out and create a “buzz” about your company and product. Speak, explain, describe, decorate your words, go over the board but do just about everything to put yourself “out there”! The best thing is – there are hundreds of things available today, tons of mediums to speak about your product. “Advertising” is at its best stage! So, opportunities are not deficient, you will find the best medium to suit your budget and purpose, always.

From banner advertising to Search Engine Optimization Service, social media advertising to email and SMS campaigns, you have a plethora of platforms to advertise your product! However, the below steps are essential:

  • Define your goals
  • Understand your objectives
  • Lay down your budget
  • Open up yourself to the various strategies and ways, and learn about them in detail. Plan your advertising strategy.
  • Select the one which best suits your objective and needs and your budget.
  • Finalize “best one” and go all out with it.
  • Monitor

One very essential point to note here is never to imitate and go with what the other competitors are doing. Your product is unique and so should be your games. What is beneficial for others may not justify your product. Pick up the one which justifies your objectives, budget and keep your expectations realistic, always. Don’t fly over the moon, results take time to pick up.

Your objectives here could mostly pile up as:

  • Increase in traffic
  • Increase in conversions and sales
  • Branding and popularity
  • To enter a new market and reach out to new customers
  • To enhance the goodwill of the company and promise “quality products and service” to the people.

b) Social Media is crucial, select your best option:

Push yourself and talk to people. Marketing on social media channels is not only about creating and putting content, be proactive in your approach. Be aggressive and when it comes to social media platforms, opt for the one which matches your needs appropriately.

Best Time to Share Twitter Tweet and Facebook Brand Promoters via Post are legendary when it comes to engaging and talking about your product and increasing its popularity. Attractive hashtags and eye-catching imagery work best to match up your ideas. With hundreds of ways to select your target audience, you can schedule your advertising campaigns as per your wish.

If you want to talk through your product and focus on branding, then photo sharing websites like Instagram and Pinterest are a big league in the field. If you are in the B2C product arena, then these mediums are highly effective.

When it comes to serious business and a very professional approach to advertising, Linked in works best. Talk and communicate directly with CEO’s, marketing professionals, product designers, management consultants and build a rapport with them. Linked in gives you several options as well to choose your most suited list of people and target them for your business purposes.

If you want to become “foremost” when people search for you using keywords, then Google ad words is the most suitable option and highly effective in  the B2B niche.

YouTube videos are a widely accepted and fashionable format for crowd-pleasing, especially if you want to poke into the hearts of the younger audience.

Opt for what provides humongous traction towards your enterprise and your products.

2. Mind your “Content Marketing”

If we look from the content perspective, the words on your webpage really have to speak to the audience. They should invoke an interest, bring meaning and resonate like they live in your closet. When you know your target audience and whom you serve, it’s easier to say the right things that draw them in. Penetrate deep into the below points.

content-marketing-strategya) Combine different styles of content:

Oops, sadly you won’t get guaranteed results overnight. There’s no “abracadabra” that is available to you at your discretion. Advertising is no magic potion, right? Variety is the key. Combine and mix your content in such a way that you reach out to the ears of different kinds of people. Bringing together the right combination is the key. Use detailed, long description essays and long posts with videos and attractive infographics.

“Blog” your content for continuous readership and to reach out to people who are news savvy. The idea is – combine and your posts and vary the content and magnitude of your posts in such a way that it satisfies and invokes a “need” in distinctive minds.

b) Seductive headlines are great screamers:

Who will read your content if your headline itself is not catchy enough? Great headlines mean great readership, create a killer content for your website purely as obvious as that. If a colossal content is endorsed with a weak headline, be sure no one is going to pay any heed to it. Never allow cute, creative headlines blind you to the need for facts and accuracy. Be attentive to captions or headlines that have unintended meanings. Some marketing intelligence curated by professors has given us the below description of a stupendous headline:

  • Must connect to ordinary readers
  • Must set tone of the article
  • Must attract attention
  • Must be correct

Why do you think creative heads spend hours and days trying to put together that strong and terribly electrifying headline to pull bucks and bulls?

c) Fine-tune your SEO, set the right links in your content:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization as it stands for. It is a vital part of any article or blog content. Why do you think even the smaller enterprises spend huge bucks on some simple or complex keywords to increase the bandwidth of their businesses? It is really worth spending every penny on the SEO aspect.

3d small people the king with a sword. 3d image. Isolated white background.

Are your pictures and graphics optimizing reach through image alt text? Is your content finding its pace on the web sphere through the right internal links? Do you know the importance of Meta descriptions? Are you using them to the fullest to do justice to your content? Are your keywords advocating and supporting your on-page SEO?

Just “focus” when you have time and analyse the importance of keywords in “content advertising”. A great SEO will only help you maximize your reach and drive fundamental and requisite traffic to your business.

d) Elongated and long-tailed keywords are essential:

Niche marketing campaigns, longer articles or highly targeted blog posts find their best friends in super specific long tail keywords. Once your primary keywords have been identified, you can intend and use these keywords to form the long tail keywords and use them as file names, title or the main topic of a strongly built article. These long tail keywords are a hot trend in web searches, and highly vital to your business if you want prolonged and sustained results for your efforts.

e) Being a Guest Blogger works to your advantage:

Ah!  You thought you could no longer benefit from being a guest blogger on the web? Well, there’s relief and respite then. The guest blogging industry isn’t as barren and dead as you thought. Blogging on a credible website can help you drive a lot of eyeballs and expanded reach towards your website and business. There is a possibility for a lot of “out of mouth” publicity when you take up guest blogging on the web.

It can help you build your brand identity; get continuous calling for your enterprise, increase reach and thus get more and more business. However, don’t go overboard with this. Be hearteous but bind by caution. Some rules and regulations are necessary when you blog on someone’s website.

The success of “Evernote” is a noted example here. Did you know how Evernote achieved phenomenal success by just sharing a few good things through guest blogging?

The CEO of Evernote, Phil Libin being a guest contributor at the highly acclaimed TechCrunch, happened to share some formidable information and first-hand experience of promoting an” I phone application”. It went to become one of the most widely shared posts and helped Evernote become vulnerable to a whole lot of competitors who tried to copy what Evernote did right.

f) Invite experts to write for you:

Just like how you continue to build reliability for your business and for yourself through guest blogging, invite other people, as well to turn guest bloggers on your website. When other people blog on your website, they will happen to share links to your website in their list of entailed shares, it will help bring a lot of new readers towards your website.

However, realize the importance of a rich, original, meaningful and far-reaching content always. If you use scrupulous ways to enhance your article, Google will happen to catch you long before you think. Low-quality guest blogging is a complete no-no and just not acceptable if you want to be a wannabe marketer.

g) Pay attention to referral traffic:

As I said before, your content says it all and does it all for you. Create content so powerful that you don’t have to beg to other sites for a powerful upscale on your article. It is essential to have good hand knowledge on which links send you that enormous traffic on your submissions.

Did you know? You can actually increase your referral traffic by 77% in 90 days if you go by industry rules. Who said you only need to follow your heart? You need to follow through with a powerful share of mind if you want to be a notable marketer and a pioneer in your field.

 3. “Market” yourself better

a) Understand the importance of Linked in:

How many times do you visit and log into your Linked in account? Once in a month? Well, then you certainly don’t understand how this professional social network is a powerful blend of intelligence and business analogs. Try posting and sharing your content and website links on your linked in page the time you hit the “go” button.

Marketing 4P, price, product, promotion and place words on blackboard

Linked in helps to connect with a prosperous, upscale and knowledgeable bank of people who could find a lot of good information in your work and visit your website to know more about you. You could help build an enriching professional relationship with these patrons who could become the best endorsers for your brand and enterprise.

b) Focus on Schema – Increase your readability:

There has been a lot of considerable thought before Schema came into being. Implementing Schema – though won’t necessarily help you increase more traffic. Schema is all about increased visibility. It is one of the best practices for search engines to find and display your content. Whether it’s Google, Yandox, Microsoft or Yahoo, using Schema will help your web pages being better understood.

c) “Internal links” are essential in your content:

Your success is not merely determined by how many sites carry a link back to your webpage, but it is highly dependent on the internal links that users find in your article. An internal link can be helpful to the readers for a more in-depth understanding of your piece and an overall better experience. It is one of those methods that can help tell Google and visitors that a particular page of content is important.

Starcom’s Jason McGovern points out the importance of internal links just perfectly. He says” From a strategic perspective, it helps site owners bridge the “authority gap” between their most link-worthy content and their most profitable content”.

d) Talk to Industry leaders:

Be forthright and go all out to talk to the leaders and the big names in your industry. Write emails and request them to write for you on your web page. Tell them, how a few good words by them will help your readers with their queries and how it will help set a trend in your sphere.

Let me tell you, people love to talk and everybody loves the adulation and the attention you will be giving them. Interviewing such stalwarts and publishing their interviews will help your credibility get a real boost and help in inspiring more traffic towards your web page as well.

It is in all probability, that the interviewee will share your web link as well and that will pave the way for your progress and profits.

e) Send Emails and increase your presence:

A good way of entering people’s lives is by making a way through their emails. Emails can be beneficial in talking about your new products, new services or the next discount campaign you might be running.

However, stick to a pattern – don’t keep bombarding emails, it will only lead more and more people hit the “unsubscribe “button and lead to lower amount of potential clients for you. Hit an email only when you really want to, that will do the trick. Designing a nice enticing newsletter is highly credible.

Include testimonials of people who endorse your products and indulge in word of mouth publicity too. When more and more people talk about your product, it helps build your presence in the industry and helps bring prosperity and eminence to your enterprise.

f) Make your website easily accessible:

You can’t keep talking through traditional methods of a desktop or a laptop in today’s modern times. Gone away are those days when people used to browse the internet through their boring desktops, nowadays smart and trendy smart phones and I-pads form the base.

Make sure your website isn’t difficult to browse through and is accessible to be viewed comfortably through all mediums. Make it easy and interesting for the audience, nobody wants a tedious and cumbersome task.

Bloomberg, Microsoft, Nike, Oxford dictionary, Weight watchers, MTV and Airbnb are leading examples of a well-designed website that’s leading by a stringent example.

g) Your website should load in seconds:

Who has time today? Not even god, I would say. Many people tend to skip this step while designing a website focusing mainly on fancy looks and constantly being weighed down with the thought of increasing sales. But it is the most crucial point to have a website which targets the most number of hits.

Make sure the website you spent so much time on to get going, opens up in a span of not even a second while the audience browses through it. If your website takes a long time to load, most likely people will lose interest in it as soon as they visit it and as such your website will have a long list of bounce backs. This is definitely not desirable or expected out of an enterprise which aims to be there in the web sphere for long.

Always make sure that your file sizes, page structure, third party plug-ins, images, content etc. are all well-equipped with optimum technical supports and help your website reach its maximum potential.

h) Design a medium to engage with your customers:

Being approachable and receptive works to your advantage. If you want to engage with people a superlative way of doing that is creating a system through which you can talk and build healthy relations with people. Acquire the help of third party solutions to design a forum where people can regularly ask questions, posts their queries and get replies instantly.

This will help you build a loyal community base and customers who would only want to your repetitive customers. Be civil, gentle and respectable when dealing with customers at all times. There are many excellent service providers who can help you design this fantastic feature.

i) Build credibility through expert comments:

As a business owner, it’s important to get engaged through chivalrous and indulgent ways to get yourself noticed. When you happen to browse through other sites, leave comments and set a process to have your views heard of in the best way possible.

Comment in a way which provokes and makes people notice you. Talk like a leader and still be responsive enough to make a mark through your talks. This is a good way of building a base for yourself on industry blogs. Talk sense, be polite and set examples through your speech.

You will slowly and steadily make a name for yourself and your business through your active self.

j) Google Analytics gives you the required information:

This powerful tool Google webmaster and Google analytics is a genius in itself. From letting you know the no. of visits on each page to the total spent time on your website, it also helps you to understand the demographics of the visitors.  This is a very compelling and dominant medium which can help enterprises design their marketing campaign and promotions targeting the right audience.

Regularly use this tool to understand what’s going on, on your website; you might come to know of some surprising facts about people and the nature of your business.

k) Exploit Social media to the fullest:

Social Media can Help Your Sales, Talk and talk, get through to people’s hearts and minds through your responsiveness. Share content, join group discussions, use relevant hashtags and reply to people promptly while they ask you questions. Make a page for your enterprise and build a loyal and dedicated base through it.

Be proactive while using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked in or whichever social platform you are. Promote posts and be in the face, always! The moment you go slow, people will forget you and would no longer be your keen followers.

l) Poke into people’s hearts:

Mark Ferguson, realtor, author, and creator of InvestfourMore.com, is a leading example of how simple social media tactics can help you build a credible and longstanding business. He used social media like a hungry hacker and built his business talking his heart out and minds with relevant people.

Share everything interesting – personal or professional, worldly, funny, inspiring, just about anything that you would yourself like to read. See how instantly you will be able to build a strong community for yourself and your enterprise.

m) Submit content on other prominent sites:

The idea here is to find those relevant sites where you can submit your content and help people make a notice of it. However, don’t forcibly spam Reddit or other similar sites and expect to become a talking point overnight. Go in for other meaningful sites or sub-Reddit sites, submit your content and see how the audience keeps pouring in towards you web page. Be mindful and talk to the point and don’t go overboard with submitting your content here, being decent and engaging in intelligent talks always works!

n) Make videos for your brand:

Who likes reading so much content? Well, practically no one. No one likes to interpret and read through so much data. Try to talk and get your products talking through innovative videos.

Research has shown numerous instances where videos alone have built a company’s fortunes and taken to it to heights. Videos attract people, help in holding their attention and ultimately divert traffic to your web page.

Do you think Vodafone’s zoo zoos would have made an impact if they were weaved into a story through a complex text form?

Fed Ex’s “Growing business” and Zuora’s “Talk to your Doctor” became the best video campaigns of 2015 helping the company go high on the charts through their unique content and interesting concepts.

o) Know what your competitors are doing:

Always be updated with what are competitors are doing and keep yourself updated with their strategies and progress. One good way of doing g this is using Buzzsumo. It helps you know about the trending topics, what people, are reading, the hot headlines in the industry and also lets you know what are competitors are talking about. Buzzsumo uses the content from strategic social media platforms to compile the feeds on their pages.

4. Go that Extra Mile

a) Host webinars:

Love attending and hosting seminars? Well, then apply the same principle for hosting webinars as well. Webinars are a great medium to talk to people, to share your knowledge and to interact on a deeper professional sphere where everyone gets to learn a lot more than they would do otherwise.

When you host webinars, make sure you send a shooting mail a day prior inviting people to register, which would only be a last chance for them to avail of the opportunity. Share a presentation with the audience post the webinar covering specific and essential base points which can be extremely beneficial for them. When you do this you have already made an impact in the minds of the audience. Always remember to promote your webinars through your Do More with Social Media for Your Business in Less Time.


Microsoft, Forrester, Upwork and The Linux Foundation have hosted webinars which became talking points in the web world. The way they promoted their webinars, held their audience throughout and made them promising loyalists is something to abide by.

b) Speak up at conferences:

Conferences do a lot of good. And chances are every week; there may be a seminar or a conference being conducted on your relevant industry. It is highly recommended, that being a prominent part of the industry you attend these events and be a speaker too.

Chances are people will take notice of you and look up to you if you speak from the heart and touch those points that help invoke greater curiosity, significance and enthusiasm towards your enterprise.

This will help you lead by example and help you excel as a leader in your field. You may suddenly find more people inviting you to such conferences and in turn bring a lot of visibility and exposure for your brand and enterprise.

Eat and breathe your business. Understand your market. Treat your customer like family. Hone your technology. And most importantly, market like how you would do to yourself.

As Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway had said very aptly “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

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